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Packaging Mesh Containers Distributor Australia

Our Products

Able Containers - Pack King
Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne
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Stretch Wrap Machines - Pack King
Pallet Stretch Wrapping in Melbourne
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Stretch Film - Pack King
Stretch Film Suppliers Melbourne
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Strapping Machines - Pack King
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Melbourne
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Strapping Tools - Pack King
Strapping Tools Melbourne
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Poly Strapping - Pack King
Poly Strapping
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Packaging Tape & Dispensers - Pack King
Packaging Tape & Dispensers
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PROPA Protective Packaging - Pack King
PROPA Protective Packaging
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PROPA Desiccant - Pack King
PROPA Desiccant
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Drum Handling Equipment
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Industrial Handling Equipment
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Roto Rack Slide Shelf
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Roto Picker
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Flatbeds & Lifters
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Why Choose Us


Pack King is a new division spun off from the King Group of Companies with 30 years of experience in business to business sales in the materials handling and packaging arenas. Pack King brings a wealth of experience along with a broad range of innovative products and outside the norm thinking.


Our lifeblood. Without you, we would not exist, therefore it is in our best interest to ensure your complete satisfaction. It’s when things go wrong, that you find out how good your supplier is. King Group have never knowingly let anyone down and have been known to destroy and dump a shipment of goods, rather than let them loose on the market, due to them being sub-standard. Likewise, we fight for your rights in any Warranty dispute, and have been known to wear the costs just to get equipment up and running asap.


We are an indestructible force. We work for you. You in turn give us your business and allegiance. This symbiotic arrangement always depends upon mutual trust. We also understand that in this competitive world we need to maintain your trust in us, and that includes ensuring you always receive the best possible value for money outcome.

Who We Are

Who We Are - Pack King
Who We Are - Pack King

Pack King understands your needs. When we ask enough pertinent questions about your business, we get an idea of how we can assist you. You may prefer quality over price. You may be looking for free specialist advice from our veterans. You may be looking for certain items that we can source on your behalf. Our contacts are extensive and we have visited thousands of industrial
sites, so we can probably bring a fresh perspective to any situation or problem.


“Hi. I’m David Penaluna from Luna Solutions. Luna supplies world class cleaning and sanitizing products to government, industry and hospitality for over 20 years. Pack King make my life easier by supplying most of my packaging and materials handling requirements. For instance, their keenly priced semi-auto strapping machine just improved my carton packing throughput by two hours a day. If you need world class cleaning products then call me on 041 839 6308 (shameless plug). For all packaging needs, call Ron on 041 030 2033, or the team at Pack King on 03.9720.0425”.
David Penaluna.

Luna Solutions.

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