Able containers are a Wire Mesh Container with a heavy duty steel matrix base and stacking feet (to three units high). Pack King is a leading wire mesh containers suppliers in Melbourne.

One long side has a half opening pull down door, or complete access if required. Capacity 1000 Kgs.

Fitted with: a) Racking Bars to enable the container to be placed onto pallet racking. b) Tow Hitch and Drawbar plates to enable bolt on attachment of the Draw Bar and Tow Hitch options. c) Wheel / Castor Plates for bolt on of 2 x fixed and 2 x castor wheel (125mm dia. Poly tyred. Ball bearings) option.

  • External Size: 1100mm x 1170mm wide x 1100mm high.
  • Internal Size: 1030mm x 1080mm wide x 950mm high.
  • Foldable: Can fold up for low cost return transportation. 5:1.
  • Rackable: Fitted with Racking Bars so the container (without wheels) can be placed onto a pallet rack.
  • Stackable: Can be stacked three high. Contents can still be accessed via half opening door.
  • Securable: Using the lockable mesh top cover. Total security using the ribbed plastic sheets option.
  • Movable: Using the bolt on optional wheels and castors.
  • Towable: Using the Tow Bar and Hitch bolt on option.
  • Hireable: Any quantity can be hired for any length of time. Conditions apply.
  • Trackable: Can be fitted with RFID and GPS tracking systems as required.
  • Freightable:Two containers side by side on a truck, has little wasted space. Can be double stacked also.

The ABLE Container can be raised from either of the two long sides by forklift, hand pallet truck or High Lift Pallet Truck when no wheels are fitted. Forklift and narrow lifters up to 540mm wide when wheels are fitted.

A spring assisted scissor lift table can be fitted into the ABLE Container, to raise the contents up to operator height, then descend under weight, therefore utilizing the whole container whilst preventing bending down to remove the contents. Great for bed linen, parts, stock picking, etc. Sides can be lined with ribbed plastic panels if required.

Your company identifiers, logos, unit numbering, addresses, contact numbers, etc., can be applied.

Tow Tugs of varying capacities are available to make up a stock picking unit or train.

Stackable wire mesh container Melbourne - Pack King

Able Container. Flatbed. Fitted Tow Hitch and Drawbar.

The wire mesh stillage is so
versatile, that we start with the basics, that of the flatbed, fitted with
wheels. In this configuration, the trolley and the stock picking pallet can be
moved around your warehouse, using either your forklift or a Tow Tug.

storage mesh containers - Pack King

ABLE Container fitted with wheels and tow bar / hitch 

Able Container Flatbed Fitted Tow Hitch and Drawbar - Pack King

Able Container. Towable. Flatbed. Loading direct to pallet.

Shows the pallet being progressively packed, using the larger, heavier products on the bottom. When completed, the order is removed with a forklift or walkie stacker, then stretch wrapped and labelled, ready for despatch.

Several ABLE bases can be hitched in line using the optional draw bar and tow hitch. Each base has 1300 Kgs capacity. When un-hitched, each loaded base can be easily pushed. ABLE bases and mesh sided containers can be mixed in the ‘train’.

Stock piling mesh container - Pack King

ABLE Container on Pallet Racking

ABLE Container fitted with mesh Security Lid - Pack King

ABLE Container fitted with mesh Security Lid

wire mesh container Melbourne - Pack King

ABLE Containers in a ‘train’ configuration, using a Tow Tug.

warehousing stillages Melbourne - Pack King
wire mesh stillage Melbourne - Pack King
folding mesh containers Melbourne - Pack King

The ABLE CONTAINER. Price List. 1.1.2018.

MODEL : AC-11 

DIMS (ext’l) d x w x h: 1100 x 1170 x 1100mm

(Int’l): 1030 x 1080 x 950mm

Folded: 200mm high


  • BASE (no sides). Fitted with wheels, Tow Bar & Hitch. For order picking directly onto a pallet.
    Pick height with pallet 330mm.
    Price $390.00 + GST.
    20+ units $370.00 + GST each.
    1 – 9 units. ($468.00 + GST ea.)
    10 – 19 units. ($435.00 + GST ea.)
    20 + units. ($402.00 + GST ea.)


  • Bolt On 2 x Fixed + 2 x Swivel Castors. 125mm dia. Add $120.00 + GST
  • Bolt On Tow Bar + Tow Hitch. Add $150 + GST / set.
  • Mesh Security Top. Add $55.00 + GST.
  • Plastic Sheet Side & Base Liners. Add $40 + GST / set of 5 pcs.
  • Tow Tug. 1 tonne cap. $4500.00 + GST.
  • Tow Tug. 2 tonne cap. $6700.00 + GST.


  • Minimum 10 units. Min hire period 3 months. (Add freight both ways).
  • Container only. $5 / day (1-20 units). $3/day (20+ units).
  • Fitted with wheels. Add $1 / day per unit.
  • Fitted with wheels, tow bar and tow hitch. Add $2 / day per unit.


  • Add freight ex Bayswater, Melb (we can quote delivery pricing).


  • Once wheels have been fitted, the ABLE Container is not able to be placed on racking.
  • Wheels and plastic liners are wear items, and can be bought separately as required.
  • Storage mesh Containers can be marked, numbered and fitted with RFID and GPS as required.