PACK KING is part of the King Group of Companies, with 30 years of experience in business to business transactions.

Since 1989, King have solved some very complex questions, along with the not so complex questions, but with only one thing in mind, that is to bring our expertise to bear on your specific requirements.

Most of our original clients are still with us, and we cherish their custom and friendship, whilst always looking to the future, as the nature of business changes rapidly, and our clients expect us to keep up with the latest trends and offerings, as well as
being price competitive.

We are also witnessing from many clients, a return to good old fashioned quality. Price not being the determinant. They have become disillusioned. This is why we have teamed up with some of the worlds quality manufacturers.

PACK KING has been selected as the Agent for the Propa Group in Italy, who manufacture protective packaging for businesses around the world. Pack King is very happy to be associated with such a fine company with enviable quality products.

About Us - Pack King
About Us - Pack King

Morse Manufacturing in New York also chooses to use Pack King as their Agent in Australia. They manufacture a complete range of drum handling equipment, and have done so for 95 years, so we are tapping into priceless expertise here also.

PACK KING import products to their special design, so chances are you won’t see exactly the same products anywhere else. We strive to be innovative and ahead of the pack. We also look to buy great products in bulk at good prices, that we can then pass on to you.

PACK KING also manufacture locally, and can provide a customization service to you, should you not find what you are looking for, and need something adapted or fabricated to your particular environment or situation.

At first glance, many products look to be the same, but with differing prices. We strive to give you as much information about the products
so that you can compare. We do not sell on price only, but we never knowingly sell inferior products – and have been known to dump them and take a loss, rather than let them onto the market – so you can see, we have your best interests at heart.

Let us quote you for all your packaging and industrial handling needs.

If there is a similar product out there, that you need us to compete with, we are more than happy to sharpen our pencil. If it differs from
our offering, we will point out the value differences.