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Benefits of Pallet Stretch Wrap over Hand Wrap

Written by Packking on May 18, 2018 in pallet stretch wrap

Stretch wrapping products often take more time than necessary when done manually. And if quality is what you are aiming for, you can bank on it taking even longer. When taking cost-effective and allocation of resources into consideration, here’s why a pallet stretch wrap machine is better than manual wrapping:

Professional Finishing

Unlike wrapping products by hand, those wrapped professionally with the help of a pallet stretch wrap offer a perfect finishing that improves the branding of the company. When manually done, the wrapping looks uneven and shabby, which gives people the idea that not much effort has been put in the making of the product. To maintain a professional image in the minds of your customers, opting for a professional pallet stretch wrap machine is the perfect option.


When someone works on wrapping products manually, no two product wrapping would be identical, causing an inconsistency. For companies that focus on a uniform packaging that is consistent throughout, a pallet stretch wrap is ideal. Saving time and energy, you can rely on a consistent packaging that will also work as your branding feature.

Damage to Hand-Wrapped Products

With more load added to be wrapped, employees hand-wrapping the products often focus more on finishing the task at hand rather than doing quality work. This results in the products being damaged in transit or while being handled. Thorough packing gives companies the guarantee that the products would be safely transferred to their destinations without suffering any damage.

Employee Well-being

The job of wrapping products can be pretty taxing when done manually. From having an adverse effect on the backs and spine to harming the posture of the employees, one can expect such conditions and more in case of prolonged working under these circumstances. When wrongly done, employees are bound to suffer major physical illnesses which can be eliminated if companies start using pallet stretch wraps instead.

By choosing the stretch wrap machine, you can not only improve the way your company is perceived but also make sure the products are wrapped to perfection.

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