Folding Wire Mesh Containers

What Use Is A Folding Wire Mesh Container

It turns out that wire mesh containers are particularly useful for: Keeping part finished goods in, for transporting between work...
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stretch wrap machine

Your Despatch Department Can Save a Minimum of $1000.00 Now. How?

Every time your dispatch personnel send out a pallet of goods, the chances are – according to a study by...
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Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film – You’ll Be Wrapped with the Price

Hi, I'm Ron Mileham. Today I'm blogking about a special HAND STRETCH WRAP FILM deal. You see we have an...
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Wire Mesh Containers

More Than Just Able!

Hi, I'm Ron Mileham from Pack King. I'm blogking about the amazing versatility of the ABLE Wire Mesh Containers. The...
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Semi Auto Strapping Machine


Hi, I'm Ron Mileham from Pack King. Today, I'm blogking about the incredible Pack King Semi-Auto Strapping Machine. Strapping serves...
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pallet stretch wrap

Benefits of Pallet Stretch Wrap over Hand Wrap

Stretch wrapping products often take more time than necessary when done manually. And if quality is what you are aiming...
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