Pack King is the Australian Agent for Morse Manufacturing in New York. Morse has been around for 50 years, so they know their job. They specialise only in drum handling equipment. If it’s not in the MORSE range, then you probably don’t need it.

MORSE has devised a series of mobile lifter/tippers suited to both steel and plastic drums. They are all fabricated on the premises by a team of artisans.

Lifting and tipping 200 Ltr drums presents a range of obstacles, mainly due to the fact that the drum cannot be safely moved or raised by a single person, so a dedicated device must be used.

The single mast lift system can raise a drum to 1520mm, whilst the two-stage mast system can raise a drum to 2690mm.

Maximum drum weights are 363 Kgs for a full drum, and 227 Kgs for a half drum. Remembering that half loads shift as they rotate, hence the difference.

You have the choice of three types of lift/tip systems.

  1. Manual lift / manual tilt. Uses a hydraulic hand pump to lift and manual wheel or chain loop to tilt.
  2. Powered lift / manual tilt. Uses mains, battery or air over hydraulic power pack to lift, and manual wheel or chain loop to tilt.
  3. Powered lift / powered tilt. Uses mains, battery or air over hydraulic power pack to do both

With the above air option, the MORSE Drum Lifter/tipper can be used in hazardous areas by using ' M' designated parts that are Spark-Resistant, along with anti-static measures.

Stainless steel options are also available for use in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.

The MORCINCH accessories enable you to capture plastic drums and drums of other sizes. There are also drum taps; bolt-on lids; bolt-on cones; slide valves and much more. So if your drum handling situation needs sorting out, or you just cannot find a solution, talk with a Pack King rep today for the answers.

PACK KING is about innovation. We joined with Morse Manufacturing in order to bring their long-time expertise and quality drum handling products to Australia. We are proud to represent them.

Most Morse is ordered individually depending on clients' needs, as these can differ.


If there is a similar product out there, that you need us to compete with, we are more than happy to sharpen our pencil. If it differs from our offering, we will point out the value differences.



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