Drum Lifting Equipment

Loading or unpacking a shipment of heavy drums can be a slow and frustrating process without the right equipment. That’s why, when they’re looking for the very best in drum lifting equipment, local clients can turn to the experts here at Pack King.

Whatever the specific day-to-day operation of your business might be, our team will assist you in finding an appropriate and durable piece of drum lifting equipment that will deliver long-term results and benefits.

In addition to supporting local businesses, we provide sales and services to customers right across Australia, helping them find the right equipment to increase the productivity of their business.

For more information, or to get free and professional advice from our knowledgeable team, simply pick up the phone and call Pack King today.

Find The Right Forklift Drum Lifter for Your Business

For more than 30 years Pack King has been a trusted and sought-after name for products and equipment designed to help businesses to boost their productivity and streamline their workflow.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our available range of forklift drum lifters. This equipment is designed to allow for safe and secure transport, packing, and unloading of often cumbersome or heavy drums. Our forklift drum lifter equipment is specially designed, meaning customers can be sure they are investing in a proven and high-quality product that will deliver years of reliable service.

We offer all our in-demand products at a competitive price, making it easy for our customers to find the right solution and range of equipment to meet the demands of their business.

Call Pack King today on 03 9720 0425 for all further enquiries.

Manual lifter
Drum Lifter


If there is a similar product out there, that you need us to compete with, we are more than happy to sharpen our pencil. If it differs from our offering, we will point out the value differences.



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