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How To Stretch Wrap Your Pallets Without Breaking Your Back Or The Bank

10 November 2020
Stretch Wrap Pallets
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Everyone is familiar with hand stretch wrap film. Millions of tonnes of it are used around the world. Since it was invented it has become the first product businesses turn to ensure their goods are protected during transit.

We used to use shrink film until it go too expensive, plus it was deemed a fire hazard. Some industries can only use shrink film, but the majority rely on the ubiquitous hand or machine roll of stretch film.

Small businesses commonly buy film in small amounts. They then put their fingers in the cores and walk backwards around the load until it is covered with stretch film.

Next level is to invest in a hand stretch film dispenser. This allows you to stretch the film whilst comfortably holding and tensioning the roll.

Still you have to pull and walk backwards, which is where the aches and pains and tripping over problems begin.

To overcome this, Pack King have introduced the Rapid Wrapper. You can move it with a hand pallet truck. Load it with a straddle truck or forklift, and after the mains extension lead and the low voltage foot control have been plugged in, you are ready to gyrate. Not you – the load!

Hook the tail of the film to the load or pallet, then let the powered turntable do all the work – at a steady 8 rpm – whilst you hold the film dispenser, tightening and overlapping exactly how you want it.

Stop at the top and drape a top cover over the load, then wrap the cover into the load if you want complete weather protection. Black film and top covers are available if you need security.

Film varies in thickness (Universal Microns – um). It can be tempting to go for the thinnest film as you get more on a roll for the same price, and thin is fine, if the load is light. Just consider that you may need two wraps in order to secure the load, whereas a thicker gauge film may only require wrap.

The Rapid Wrapper has a few extra features that are very useful. The turntable is 286 mm above floor level. A standard pallet would have the corners sticking out, which is perfect for winding the stretch film under the corners as it rotates. There is nothing better to unitise a load, then to secure it firmly to the pallet. Likewise, a proficient operator can take the film up and over the top corners in order to weatherproof the load without using a top cover.

The Rapid Wrapper has no film carriage post, so oversized loads are easily catered for. Stand as far away as you like. Use heavy film to cater for loads with sharp corners. Use for pipes and posts, gates, crates, etc.

The rapid Wrapper is able to be stored on standard pallet racking due to the notches formed into the base frame. These prevent the wrapper from slipping from the beams. Being able to stow the Rapid Wrapper, means that you can use your precious floor space for something else, when not wrapping a load.

The foot control plug and lead is removable, so there are no trailing cables when stowing the Rapid Wrapper.

At a price that is cheaper than a musculoskeletal claim, and an increase in speed, along with consistency is film use, the Rapid Wrapper is a great investment.

Pack King offers the full range of quality hand and machine stretch films – with maximum stretch and puncture resistance, along with next level up semi auto stretch wrap machines and all packaging products and tools.

Call Pack King on 03 9720 0425, or e-mail Ron Mileham on ron@kinggroup.com.au

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