If the volume of goods you are strapping is not high, or if you need to occasionally strap product onto pallets, or to secure and bundle, then light gauge poly strapping is the answer.

If however you need to unitize a heavy load, then heavy gauge poly strapping is called for. Heavy duty poly has taken over from steel strapping in most instances, simply because it caters for a small amount of stretch if the load shifts, whereas steel strap will simply come loose.

Manual strapping requires a Tensioning Tool, a Crimping Tool and Crimps or Seals as they are otherwise known.

First, select the gauge of poly strap you need to use. This is shown as a load kilogram rating. For heavy loads requiring much constraint, go for the higher load rating.

Your Tensioning and Crimping tools must match the force required to hold and seal the strap.

There is also a choice between manual and powered tensioning tools. Powered Tensioners are usually used with heavy gauge strapping, and are battery operated. It allows the operator to hold and use the tensioner in one hand, after placing the strap end and the strap loop into the tensioner body.

A squeeze of the trigger and the strap tensions, then is friction welded at the same time, thereby creating a bonded seal. The loop is cut and the Tensioner removed.

When unitizing a load to the pallet, the poly strap end is passed under the pallet using either a flexible rod with a strap clip, or a broom handle, or a specialized piece of equipment that feeds the strap under, up and over to meet the operator, who then simply takes the loop and the end and feeds them into the tensioner. Naturally this type of equipment is used only when a potential health and safety risk has been identified with strap feeding, or the volume of goods being strapped makes the purchase worthwhile.


As in all things, there are different qualities of strapping. In every case, the load integrity depends upon two things only – the strength of the strapping and the seal or weld.

So if you are offered cheap strapping, then please reconsider, as the cost of replacing a load, far outweighs a little extra cost to buy quality strap.

Poly strap comes with either a plain or embossed surface. Some manufacturers advise that there is more surface tension when embossed, so slipping is reduced. This is the case in hand applied and sealed strapping, but machine sealed strapping is at its best when there are two flat surfaces touching.

It is fair to comment that the better quality the strapping and tools you use, the higher the probability your load will remain intact for the whole journey. I have shown high quality products at a fair price. There are cheaper products on the market, but you should expect inferior quality construction and shorter life expectancy.


Stretch wrapping has become the fastest way of securing a load, by unitizing it to the pallet base. For most loads this is sufficient, but there are many instances where strapping can make the load stronger by securing it more tightly to the pallet, or by binding the load more securely.

Take for instance four 200 Ltr steel drums on a pallet. By stretch wrapping the load, the film is expected to constrain 1000 Kgs of load from shifting off the pallet in the case of an accident, whereas if the four drums had been strapped horizontally, then the drums had been strapped to the pallet in four pairs, the chances of that load becoming separated or moving off the pallet are greatly diminished. The cost of the strapping under these conditions is nowhere near the cost of the damage to the drum's contents; other freight; the carriers vehicle; other vehicles; the environment, etc., so strapping can be cheap insurance when used judiciously.

Strapping also helps to prevent round objects from moving around once they have been bundled. The same is for the removal of round objects. If they are bundled, then less time is taken to load and unload, and bundles are more stable than individual items. Shipping of one bundle makes more economic sense than several individual items.


This strap is used in conjunction with a machine tensioner and sealer, or using hand tools such as a tensioner and crimper and with seals.

PP-1206BM. Machine. 12mm x 0.63mm x 3000Mtrs. 130 Kg break strain. Blue.
PP-1206CM. Machine. 12mm x 0.63mm x 3000 Mtrs. 130 Kg break strain. Clear.

PP-1206H. Hand. 12mm x 0.6mm x 1000 Mtrs. 80 Kg break strain. Blue.
PP-1506H. Hand. 15mm x 0.6mm x 1000 Mtrs. 130 Kg break strain. Blue.
PP1908HB. Hand. 19mm x 0.8mm x 1000 Mtrs. 270 Kg break strain. Black.
PP-1910HB. Hand. 19mm x 1mm x 1000 Mtrs Heavy Duty. 405 Kg break strain. Black.


Used in conjunction with a machine tensioner and sealer. For heavy duty loads.

PET-1207E. 12mm x 0.7mm. 1900 Mtrs. 320 Kg break strain. Embossed.
PET-1607E. 16mm x 0.7mm. 1445 Mtrs. 450 Kg break strain. Embossed.
PET-1609E. 16mm x 0.9mm. 1100 Mtrs. 520 Kg break strain. Embossed.
PET-1609S. 16mm x 0.9mm. 1100 Mtrs. 520 Kg break strain. SMOOTH.
PET-1910E. 19mm x 1.0mm. 800 Mtrs. 710 Kg break strain. Embossed.
PET-2510S. 25mm x 1.0mm. 600 Mtrs. 967 Kg break strain. SMOOTH.


Used with buckles to hand tension loads. Can be re-tensioned at any time. The soft nature of the strap lends itself to restraining easily marked items, and is flexible enough to prevent coiling.

WPS-16S. 16mm x 1000 Mtrs. 1 blue line. 350 Kg break strain.
WPS-19L. 19mm x 850 Mtrs. 1 blue line. 590 Kg break strain.
WPS-19S. 19mm x 700 Mtrs. 1 red line. 840 Kg break strain.
WPS-19H. 19mm x 500 Mtrs. 2 red lines. 1100 Kg break strain.
WPS-32H. 32mm x 125 Mtrs. white. 2300 Kg break strain.

MANUAL STRAPPING TOOLS. For use with seals.

Tensioner. HPT-50. For PET or PP up to 19mm.
Tensioner. HPT-95. For PET up to 38mm.
Tensioner. CHD-XL. For woven poly or composite up to 50mm.

Crimper. OFH-12. For PET or PP up to 12mm
Crimper. OFH-16. For PET or PP up to 16mm.
Crimper. OFH-19. For PET or PP up to 19mm.

Combo Tool. MUL-350. For PET or PP up to 16mm.


To keep your poly strap reels in place and to provide an orderly take off – without uncoiling, along with a container in which your strapping tools can reside, a Mobile Dispenser is a worthwhile investment.

CSD-76T. For core size 76mm. Max dia 400mm.
PMC-200. For core size 200mm. Max dia 500mm.
PSD-1. For core size 400mm. Max dia 650mm.

STRAP FEEDER made from flexible plastic. Holds strap whilst pushing under pallets.

SF-135. 1350mm long. Come sin pack of 10 rods.


An automatic hand held poly strap tensioner and sealer. Feed the strap into the machine. Press one button and it tensions to your pre-set limit. Press the second button and it seals the high frequency binds the strap together.

Model ZP-93. For PET and Poly strapping 12 – 16mm.

Model ZP-97. For PET strapping 16 – 19mm. Heavy duty.

Use only premium auto strap for this machine.

SEALS / CRIMPS AND BUCKLES. Galvanized steel.

PH-13. Seal for PP and Light PE. 12 x 30mm. 1000 / box.
PH-16. Seal for PP. 16 x 30mm. 1000 / box.
PH-19. Seal for PP. 19 x 30mm. 1000 / box.

CWB-4. Buckle for PEW. 13mm. 1000 / box.
CWB-5. Buckle for PEW. 16mm. 1000 / box.
CWB-6. Buckle for PEW. 19mm. 1000 / box.
CWB-7. Buckle for PEW. 25mm. 500 / box.
CWB-8. Buckle for PEW. 32mm. 250 / box.


PPB-4. For hand PP. 12mm. 1000 / bag. 10 bags / ctn.
PPB-5. For hand PP. 16mm. 1000 / bag. 6 bags / ctn.

PLASTIC EDGE PROTECTORS. Prevents strap cutting into load.

EP-62. 22mm inside of ridges. 1000 / box.


Pack King can access these products on your behalf, but steel is sold on weight, so the price differs according to volume and frequency.

Call this office for prices, as they can change quickly.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Ron Mileham.