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More Than Just Able!

Written by Packking on June 22, 2018 in Wire Mesh Containers

Hi, I’m Ron Mileham from Pack King.

I’m blogking about the amazing versatility of the ABLE Wire Mesh Containers.

The mesh sides fold down (6:1 for transporting) and take 30 seconds to put up. They take 1300 Kgs of load. The long side folds half down for access to the contents, and can stack four high.

Because every one of them is fitted with wheel plates, tow bar hitch and drawbar fitting and racking bars, the ABLE Container is already way ahead of the pack.

With a big 1100mm square footprint and 1100mm high, you can pack a great deal of product in them – and still have access via the half opening front – even when stacked.

So let’s start with the basics. A folding wire mesh container that can be placed onto your standard pallet racking and which locks in place. That’s a Pack King initiative. It can be stowed away to free up floor space.

Next we move to adding wheels. Simply bolt the two fixed and two swivel wheels to the wheel plates. You now have free wheeling container that does not require a forklift to move it. It can be pushed to or from workstations. It can be used to pick stock.

If you want to tow the ABLE Container, simply fit the optional tow bar. It can be pulled by your forklift or any tow tug. Want more than one in tow? simply fit the optional hitch, to allow the next container to couple up.

Want to just pull pallets around to load stock directly onto for shipping? – simple – just remove the mesh sides, or get Pack King to supply the ABLE as just a flatbed trolley with wheels tow hitch and drawbar fitted.

Other options include plastic sheet insert panels to keep your goods away from prying eyes, and a removable, lockable mesh lid for ultimate security during transit.

It is also possible to fit RFID for identification, or GPS tracking, if you want to know exactly where your ABLE Wire Mesh Containers are.

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