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Moving House? Choose the Right Packing Equipment and Tape for All Your Valuables!

1 February 2020
Moving House Choose The Right Packing Equipment And Tape For All Your Valuables
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Moving house can be a very exciting time but it can also be a very stressful time when it comes to packing your valuables.

Not having the right tools, tape and equipment on hand when packing for moving house can be very difficult. It can make the moving process far more stressful than what it needs to be.

That is why it is important to prepare yourself with all the right packing tools, equipment and tape to ensure your packing process is simple and effective.

Depending on the weight, size and shape of your valuables, you will need to select the best packing equipment for your items and ensure their safety and security with the right tools.

At Pack King, we are the packing experts. With over 30 years of experience we have all the necessary tools, tape and equipment suitable for all moving house packaging needs!

How to go about choosing the right equipment:

  • How valuable are your valuables?: Assess which of your items are most valuable or fragile and require the most security in the packing and removal process. By determining this, your packing tool selection process will be made so much easier.
  • How much are you packing?: Depending on how much you are packing, organising which items can be packed together for removal can save you both time and money in selecting the right packaging equipment.
  • How big and small are my items?: Assess the size and shape of your items. Then you can determine the type of packaging care they need for moving house.

Types of equipment for your moving house packing needs:

  • Packaging tape: It can be used manually for smaller packages that are easy to do yourself when boxing items for moving. Packaging tape is high quality and can ensure aggressive grip around boxes to secure any small to medium boxed items.
  • Packaging dispenser: A packaging dispenser can hold packaging tape that can easily coat cartons and boxes for a more secure packaging process.
  • Semi-automatic strapping tools: For medium and larger scale items for packing when moving house, investing in a semi-automatic strapping tool is your best bet. It is simple and easy to follow. Semi-automatic strapping tool can securely tape medium carton boxes.
  • Heavy gauge poly strapping: If you have heavier loads and items that need to be packaged for moving means, investing in heavy gauge poly strapping is the best tool for the job. This manual strapping machine ensures that the heavier items are securely boxed and packaged for moving means.
  • Stretch wrapping: If you’re moving quickly and have limited time, choosing to stretch wrap your goods will ensure a simple and efficient packing process for all of your valuables. Stretch wrapping has become the fastest way to secure a load by unitising it to a pallet base. A stretch wrapping procedure is able to secure 1000 kg worth of a load from shifting it off the pallet base, making this process one of the most secure forms of packing your valuables for moving day!

Investing in the right tools or products for all of your moving day packing needs is very important. It is to ensure that your valuables are being secured as best possible and will remain safe during the moving process.

If you are moving home, contact us on: +61 3 9720 0425 to establish what type of packing tools and equipment your valuables may need.

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