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The Turner Nibbler shaft fits into any drill chuck. It becomes an extension of your arm by holding on to the side grip of the nibbler.

You can manipulate the cutting head any which way you choose – even over head.



The nibbler punches out a small crescent shape in the metal, as the drill is moved along. So imagine cutting corrugated iron or raised shapes, where the cutter is not a disc, but a small 4mm opening that cuts away as it goes.

You can cut a small (min 12mm) or large circle. Rise and fall with the contours, all with no jagged edges.

You can start from an edge, or you can drill a start hole in the sheet and follow your marked out design. The Turner Nibbler moves wherever you point the drill. It could not be simpler.

The Turner Nibbler cuts mild steel up to 1.6mm (16 swg). Brass and plastic up to 2mm (14 swg). Stainless max 1mm (19 swg).

You can pay up to $165.00 for this tool, but we have a few left, and are selling them off cheap.

They are brand new in box, in perfect condition, and with an information leaflet. Price AU$76.00 + Postage.


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