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Agv’s And Transfer Cars

Transfer cars are motorised trolleys or vehicles, used to transfer goods from one location to another.
Pack King has proudly taken on the distribution of the BDG range of Transfer Cars for Australia and New Zealand.

BDG has been in business since 2003. They produce and sell into a dozen countries, a range of shelving, racking, AGVs and Transfer Cars.

A Transfer Car or AGV is designed specifically to move products from one area to another. Whether it is guided by wire, tape, sensors, wireless or wired depends upon the client’s preference, and what the goals are.

AGVs are flavour of the month, as warehouses become more automated. They can pick, move and deposit almost anything to anywhere automatically – after programming. Transfer Cars are however used mainly to transfer heavy and awkward goods from station to workstation, or used in maintenance to transport items to workshops for repair.

An overhead crane has only so much area to work in, and the task is very slow and deliberate, whereas a Transfer Car can be guided close to or under a heavy piece of machinery or a fabricated section, and guided to any point inside or outside, so it is like a very strong forklift, but without the restrictions of a counterweight or length of fork tines. The load on a Transfer Car, is directly over the load and idler wheels, making for the most secure ground contact – unlike a tow tug for instance that needs weight over the drive wheels in order to gain enough traction to overcome the inertia of the trolley and load weight combined.

By using a small hand held joystick control, the Transfer Car can be maneuvered into tight spaces, thereby preventing the use of manual force, or to have personnel in the vicinity. This makes the operation safer and free of insurance claims.

The Transfer Car can be fitted with cradles for rolls or cylinders, or custom made retainers for any object. It can also be supplied with a scissor lift inbuilt, in order to raise and lower items, suggesting an ideal vehicle to raise air conditioning to the roof of a tunnel.

The Transfer Car can also run on rails. It can be completely automatic. It can sense people and objects. It can be fitted with any warning device.

In a large engineering / fabrication shops; defence contractors, space, shipping, wood mills, etc. Anywhere large objects have to be moved around, the Transfer Car is the answer. 500 Kg or 500 tonnes. Just load it on!

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