Drum Lifter / Rotator

Model NBF-35 is designed to capture 200 Ltr steel drums using a manually operated rim grab.

When the drum has been securely held. It is raised using the hand pump hydraulics.

Before the drum can be tilted, the sprung under rim clamp must be employed.

Side to side rotation is by hand wheel through a worm drive gearbox, enabling the operator to hold the drum securely in any position.

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Drum Lifter Rotator. Nbf 35 In Showroom
Olympus Digital Camera
Olympus Digital Camera

Max lift height is 1425 mm. Max capacity is 350 Kg.

Model DLR-35-RS is a modification with two welded D brackets on the front of the rotating arms. A ratchet and strap is secured to those rings. This enables the operator to clamp the drum around its girth to the arms, thereby adding another layer of security.

Model NBF-35S is the straddle version, that allows you to fill an IBC

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