Drum Rotator. End Over End

Model NTY-400B makes it easy to push the frame into a steel 200 Ltr drum, then securely clamp it around the centre. Ensure the lid / bungs are secured properly.

Raise the drum using the hand pallet truck built under the frame to full height. Set variable speed dial to its lowest number. Move away from the rotation path. Plug in to either 240v or 415v, and rotate the drum end over end to ensure the contents of the drum are thoroughly mixed.

The variable speed control allows you to choose the best option for your drum. It is advisable to slowly rotate it at first, and increase speed later – if safe to do so – once the contents are more homogenised.

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Drum Rotator End Over End With Drum Lift System

Remember that as the contents shift during rotation, the drum can be buffeted from fast moving liquids or powders. Jerking movements can place an unwanted load upon the bearings / frame/ motor and may void the warranty.

Capacity is 400 Kg, but part loads can impart higher forces to the mechanism as they shift quickly during rotation, so again, go slow at first.

Australian workplace regulations insist on a safe working environment. Because a drum can rotate under power, it is imperative that you either place the unit in a protected area or in a safety cage with interlocks that prevent rotation when personnel are close by, or the access gate is opened. Pack King can supply a suitable system to suit your needs.

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