Drum Tumbler. Tilt-To-Load

The Morse Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler is unique, in as much as it allows an operator to load a 200 Ltr steel, fibre or plastic drum onto the floor platen – at floor level, using just a drum trolley.

Drum sizes can range from 737 mm – 940 mm high x 457 mm – 597 mm in diameter.

After the drum is secured around it’s girth, the operator tilts the drum to the working angle, using the hydraulic lift system, then rotation ‘corner to corner’ can begin.

Speed is variable between 5 – 20 rpm, so you can gently tumble the contents together, or vigorously mix, according to your needs.

As a general rule of thumb, the less product in the drum, the slower you go, as there is a ‘sloshing’ effect being created. The more air there is in the drum, the worse it is.

Explosion proof (American approved – not the same as Australian) and air models available for those industries that require special needs.

The Morse Tilt-To-Load Drum Rotators are the most rugged on the market. Morse has a 50 year old reputation for producing quality drum handling products that won’t let you down, and provide the thorough mixing your products require.

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Morse Tilt To Load Drum Tumbler 310 Series


Health & Safety legislation states that each workplace must be made safe for employees, It will be necessary to provide a safe working area protected by light curtains or a caged area, that when penetrated will shut moving machinery off.

You can organise this yourself, or you can order a purpose built enclosure from Morse, fitted with interlocks. 3 phase units do not come with plugs or cable. Your electrician will have to wire them in.

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