Morse Grip + Go Drum Rotator

Designed to handle steel, plastic or fibre drums from 356mm – 610mm (55 – 210 Ltr), and with a massive maximum capacity of 680 Kgs, this fork attached drum rotator is ideal as an autonomous attachment that uses its 12v battery/hydraulic power pack to grip and rotate the drum, so there are no hydraulic hoses or connections to trail or attach to ports on the forklift itself.

The forklift operator simply slips the fork tines into the sleeves of the attachment, secures it to the carriage by chain and keeper, then uses the pendant control to operate the gripping mechanism. The drum is rotated forwards until fully inverted at 180°, thereby ensuring that the drum is completely emptied. By adjusting the rate of tilt from the operator’s seat, a controlled amount can be decanted during rotation.

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Morse Grip Go Drum Rotator

The drum can be captured from the floor, pallet or drum bunding pallet, or stacked on pallets on racking – even going in two drums deep if required. The only limitation is the access height of the forklift and the driver’s view.

The fork tines must be 63.5 mm between forks to enter the sleeves. Unit dimensions are 1370 mm long x 1140 mm wide x 510 mm high.

The battery fitted in deep-cycle industrial strength. The unit is fully tested before shipping. If the cable attached to the pendant control is an inhibiting factor, you may consider the remote-control option. Call us at +61 3 9720 0425 for more information.

  • Add freight to your proposed premises. Allow 11 weeks for supply plus six weeks for shipping.
  • Terms and Conditions*: The order is irrevocable and the complete payment must be made in advance.
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