Redback Drum Lifter/rotator


Australian Provisional Patent Application # 2018901540

The REDBACK Drum Lifter/Rotator grips a drum centrally using articulated pivoting jaws. The jaws close around the drum using either a manual hand winder or battery electric drill using leverage.

Captures many different sizes of drums, down to 110 Ltr. Plastic drums or straight-sided drums can be additionally secured using the two ratchet and straps, above and below the central grab.

Captures a drum from floor level, from a pallet or drum bund corner – up to 450 mm centre height. Max load capacity of 350 Kg.

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Redback Drum Lifter Rotator 03
Redback Drum Lifter Rotator 01
Redback Drum Lifter Rotator 02
Redback Drum Lifter Rotator 03
Redback Drum Lifter Rotator 01
Redback Drum Lifter Rotator 02

The double reduction paired drive gearboxes make lifting and lowering fully controllable and non-slip. The drum is driven both up and down – no gravity involved.

The drum is raised vertically, then moves through an arc to a horizontal position, where when stopped, the contents can be decanted into another 200 Ltr drum sitting on the floor, or any drum, can or bottle placed onto a conveyor under the drum tap. A weigh scale can also be incorporated in the conveyor.

The drum tap, when the drum is horizontal is at 1220 mm height (a drum is approx. 887 mm high), so there is room for a funnel, sieve or filter if desired.

The REDBACK Drum Lifter/Rotator:
  • Enables one person to remove a drum from floor level or pallet, and decant the contents of the drums single-handedly and without requiring a forklift.
  • Requires no external electricity when using a battery hand drill. When used with an air drill, Redback.
  • In researching the lift methodology, it was apparent that lift speed and load security (preventing the4 load from fallcan be used where sparks may be hazardous.
  • Can be used in remote locations without electricity, such as airfields, plantations, farms, etc.

The Redback Drum Lifter / Rotator has been designed and patented by King Group, for sale by the Pack King network, and is licensed for manufacture and sales around the world.

The need for a device to raise 200 Ltr (55 gallon) drums from floor level or from bunding pallets, then to continue lifting the drum until it could be presented to the operator horizontally, and at a height where the contents could be decanted into another 200 Ltr drum or the contents decanted into smaller vessels or containers, was the driver for this product.

It allows one person to perform all functions. In researching the lift methodology, it was apparent that lift speed and load security (preventing the 4 load from falling, if stopped halfway), required two very special gearboxes, mated to give enough lift / lower speed with sufficient overrated gear meshing power with a significant age safety margin, to satisfy test protocols for drum handling equipment.

The Redback could be fitted with conventional electric or air driven motors if desired, but Model RB-1 has a hex shaft protruding from the gearbox, acting as the input shaft for the lift / lower action. By attaching a 9/16″socket to a driver, a hand drill can drive the gearboxes, thereby creating lift or lowering.

By not having a motor attached to the gearbox, this enables the unit to be used anywhere and at any time. No mains power required. So workshops and warehouses where power is too far away, or cables or airlines present a hazard; remote locations such as airfields, truck stops; farms; military locations, etc, can now be serviced by 200 Ltr drums. The only requirement being a hand drill.

The combination of a semi-rotating steel drum grab, and additional ratchet and straps to further secure plastic drums of most diameters and shapes makes the Redback significantly different to most other drum lifters/ rotators. The drum grab is opened up using either the handle or the battery drill. The grab, with its central pivot point, adjusts to the diameter of the drum. The top of the grab sits just under the drums top expansion roll. Plastic drums can have the two ratchet and straps secured over and under the grab, to prevent the drum from slipping out of the grab.

If decanting, before lifting, a 50 mm drum tap needs to be placed into the bung, and the bung facing the operator.

As power is applied to the input shaft, the drum rises slowly from vertical through the curve and then to horizontal. In this resting position – 1100 mm above ground level to the base of the drum) the contents can be decanted into another 200 Ltr drum, or a conveyor can be placed under the drum (drum end protrudes approx. 100 mm further than the crossbar and another 50 mm when a drum tap is fitted) with or without a weigh scale fitted. It can then be lined up with bottles to allow them to be filled by gravity using the drum tap. This set up makes for the ideal one person workstation. Everything from moving the drum, to decanting the contents at height can be performed using the Redback Drum Lifter / Rotator from Pack King – all without requiring mains power.

The Redback is fitted with 125 mm diameter castor wheels at the rear – with brakes, whilst the front wheels are fixed, moving the unit with a load is easy and allows re-location quickly. If the unit needs to go through a door, the front legs can be moved back into their slots temporarily.

The drum grab carriage is retained by two sets of heavy-duty roller chain with a one-tonne capacity each chain. The chain is guided in a machine grooved engineered plastic wear strip. This allows the chain to be protected whilst providing guidance and side movement restriction.

A hook and two ratchet straps are fitted, as is a handle for hand rotating/tightening of the drum grab, and socket holder. These ensure that you have a reserved place for all the necessities.

Why Redback?

Being of Australian design, and with the drum grab painted red, on a black frame, when the grab is uppermost, it looks like a Redback spider. It is certainly as tenacious as one, and like the real Redback, it just has that swagger.

Our engineering and finish are of the highest standard. Due to the slowness of the moving parts, plus the fact that the operator must face the load whilst operating the lifter, and that there is no automatic lift / lower option, plus the fact that the sprockets are all covered, there is very little chance of any limbs being at risk.

Warranty is for one (1) year. Wear parts such as wheels and bearings and clamp pivots and faces are not covered. The supplier’s discretion to repair or replace prevails. Shipping is to the clients’ account. Return of pre-approved (by our office Manager) of unit or spares is to the clients’ account. If under warranty, return shipping will be at the supplier’s cost.

Raises the drum using a battery-operated drill, a standard drill, an air operated drill or can be fitted with permanent electric or air motor.

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