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Eziloader Ground Level Loading Trailer

Introducing the latest Eziloader Ground Level Loading Trailer, 2V, with a van body. Level Loading Trailer- Eziloader

This Eziloader was made specifically to Ford Australia’s specifications for a special project. It is 1800mm wide x 4500mm long x 2300mm high inside the tub, but of course can be made to any size and capacities.

The aluminium van body incorporates a lockable half roller shutter door; lift assisted ramp; powered winch; shelving; front access window; heavy duty galvanized floor; lockable rear function control box.

The lockable front console houses the full size spare wheel; hydraulic power pack; deep cycle battery; electronics and battery charger.

Auxiliary power can be taken from the host towing vehicle, should the internal battery run down

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New features include:
  • Four special self adjusting cylinders instead of three.
  • Sensor actuated anti-drop lugs.
  • Sensor actuated automatic lowering procedure.
  • Four dimensional non friction stability / raise / lower system.
  • Secondary final guide lock system, binds tub and frame securely.
  • Extra over-ride spring on the stump jump suspension.
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Ground Level Loading Trailer- Eziloader

If you’re searching for a versatile and trusted ground level loading trailer, then you can’t go wrong with the Eziloader.

At Pack King we only provide the very best services and products for our local clients, which is why we are proud to supply a range of premium Eziloader trailers. These durable and dependable trailers can be raised and lowered with the push of a button, with the ramp making it simple and easy to load even the heaviest materials or items. The Eziloader is suitable for everything from transporting pallets and hand pallet trucks, generators, ride-on mowers, or even large white goods and other household appliances.

Eziloader trailers are perfect for both urban and rural use, and they make transporting any equipment a simple and hassle-free process.

Find Out if the Eziloader Trailer is Right for Your Business

To learn more about the wide range of benefits of the Eziloader trailer, or to speak with a friendly and experienced member of the Pack King team, simply pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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The Revolutionary Trailer with Easy Loading – at Ground Level
  • Eziloader Icon Bike
    Motor bikes

    Recovery / delivery. Room for four or more.

  • Eziloader Digger
    Hire equipment

    Ride On Mowers. Mini Diggers. Generators.

  • Eziloader Icon Pallets
    Palletised goods

    Fits 2 pallets plus hand pallet truck.

  • Eziloader Icon Fridge
    White goods

    Double fridges, stoves, etc.

  • Eziloader Icon Hay

    1000ltr tanks. Roll-on hay bales, etc.

  • Eziloader Icon Piano
    Household goods

    Pianos, wardrobes, dining tables.

  • Eziloader Icon Sculpture

    Large trees, pavers on pallets, statues.

  • Eziloader Icon Equipment
    Demonstration equipment

    Low profile & heavy

How easy is it to use?

Push buttons, lower the 1500mm wide x 3 Mtr long deck, with 1-tonne load capacity to the ground. The ramp provides easy access, using just a hand pallet truck or trolley if you wish.

Is it safe?

Eziloader has been designed with your safety in mind. It is fitted with manual locking pins, along with sensors to ensure the pins are either fully in or fully out. Only then can the deck be raised or lowered.

Pinch points have been designed out. The operator also faces the rear, meaning s/he sees all potential hazards before lowering or lifting.

Controls only usable by an operator with key or lock code.

All materials used are of the highest quality.

All construction conforms to or exceeds all applicable standards.

What makes eziloader unique?

1. The lowering to floor level for ease and safety of loading and unloading.

2. The raising and locking of the deck to the chassis, using sensors as a safety check.

3. The amazing ‘jump stump’ dual wheel independent suspension.

4. Special ‘phasing’ hydraulic cylinders and heavy duty industrial power pack.

What’s standard on the eziloader?
  • 6 x removable eyebolts at lower deck level, with upper tie rails on front and sides.
  • Aluminium chequer plate floor and sides and external cladding.
  • Red & Silver distinctive finish with Eziloader signage.
  • Key lockable front console housing hydraulics, electrics and spare wheel.
  • Trailer wind down fifth wheel for ease of vehicle connection to tow ball.
  • Brakes to each rear wheel, activated from / by the towing vehicle.
  • Hand brake with lock on tow bar.
  • Heavy duty deep cycle battery. Inbuilt charger. Solar panel charging option.
  • LED lights. Industrial style electrics. Lockable Isolating Switch.
  • Special hydraulic ‘phasing’ hydraulic cylinders with industrial hydraulic power pack.

Eziloader is the safest way to load and unload any trailer.

No strains, aches and pains when you switch to Eziloader!



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