King Roto-wrap

Powered turntable roto-lift docked with roto-dock stretch wrapper to stretch wrap loads in situ.


ROTO WRAP : Pack and wrap in one operation, when used with ROTO-DOCK STRETCH WRAPPER.

ROTO-DOCK STRETCH WRAPPER : 110v. 82.6″ (2100mm)

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The ROTO-WRAP STRETCH WRAPPER combines a ROTO-LIFT spring-assisted self-levelling table with a powered turntable. ROTO-WRAP is just like the standard turntable unit when the wrapper is disconnected, and the turntable still rotates (only one way).

The benefit of the ROTO-WRAP is that when the pallet has been loaded, you can stretch wrap the load without moving it. Simply push the wheeled wrapper until the two steel guides dock into the base of the main unit. Connect the plug and the lock mechanism and it is ready to wrap.

Plug the wrapper into a 110v supply. Pull out the film and attach to the load. Press the button for the turntable to start, then adjust the tension of the film via the knob on top of the film carriage, whilst raising the carriage and overlapping film or adding more layers as required.

The rotation speed can be adjusted on the control panel (rotation is set to most common speed of 9 rpm). An Emergency Stop Button is also fitted.

The standard height mast wraps loads up to 70.8″ (1800mm) in height. An optional mast will wrap up to 82.6″ (2100mm).

The film carriage accepts hand film rolls. The roll weight is neutralized by a counterweight inside the mast. The wrapper can be stopped in the top position to allow a top cover to be placed over the load, prior to continuing to wrap the cover to the load.

Of course, you can have as many ROTO-WRAP Powered Turntables as you like, and only one docking wrapper instead of investing in a separate stretch wrapper which takes up much more space, and of having to shift the load twice to finish the job. The on-demand stretch wrapper takes up very little space and can be wheeled away when not required.

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RW-C. Combination of both models below, being the Powered Turntable Scissor Lift and the Docking Stretch Wrapper.

Combined Self Levelling Table with Powered Turntable and Docking Stretch Wrapper

Best value, considering the combined benefits of the self-levelling loading table plus the in-situ docking stretch wrapper. Loading and wrapping are all done in one hit.

RW-PT. A Spring Assisted Self Levelling Table, with inbuilt Powered Turntable.

Self Levelling Table with Powered Turntable – independently

RW-SW. The Docking Stretch Wrapper. Dock into the RW-PT and stretch wrap the load.

Stretch Wrap unit – independently

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