Powered Floor Cranes

Sure, a manual push along Floor Crane can do the same job and cheaper, but try pushing a manual crane along with a heavy load on, and try stopping easily. Then setting the jib length. Then manually pumping up the jib plus load with 50 – 200 pumps required.

The Powered Floor Crane does all the above with no effort on your part – except push the buttons. When the variable speed throttle is shut down, the electric brake is on.

No need to dedicate a forklift or an overhead crane to these tasks, the Powered Floor Crane is quick and versatile and ready to work.

Load range varies according to length and height of jib.

Powered Floor Cranes are particularly useful for:

  • Removing engines from vehicles.
  • Loading / unloading crates and stillages from the top.
  • Removing awkward and heavy loads from tray trucks and utes, such as air conditioners, axles, generators, pumps, machinery, etc.
  • Raising 200 Ltr drums to and from pallets
  • Removing steel plates from racks.
  • Tipping drums into units.
  • Lifting pipes, Plate, Block, Girders
  • Maintenance Jobs

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Powered Floor Cranes


New Project 075

Horizontal Reach

1220 + 610 + 610 mm

Load Capacity

Stage 1: 700 kg @ 1220 mm

Stage 2: 400 kg @ 1220 – 1830 mm

Stage 3: 200 kg @ 1830 – 2440 mm

Max. Lift Height

3350 mm

Min. Lift Height

1190 mm

Net Weight

770 kg

Size: 1280 x 610 x 610 High

New Project 120

Horizontal Reach

1220 +610+610 mm

Load Capacity

Stage 1: 1200 kg @ 1280 mm

Stage 2: 600 kg @ 1280 – 1890 mm

Stage 3: 300 kg @ 1890 – 2500 mm

Max. Lift Height

3540 mm

Min. Lift Height

935 mm

Net Weight

480 kg

Size:1865 x 1110 x 1570 High


  • T Shaped Spreader Bar. Fits into crane boom extension.
  •  Centre Lift Spreader Bar. Various lengths and capacities.
  • Plate Clamps.
  • Magnets with manual ON/OFF. Single or paired lifting.
  •  Drum Rim Clamps. Two styles. Also suited to lowering a leaking drum into a Hazmat outer.
  •  Pipe Clamps.
  •  Brick / Block Clamps. Lift from top edge also.
  • Remote Pendant Control.
  •  Drum Rotator. Manual chain geared rotation. Ideal for tipping drum contents into a vat at height.

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