King Reel Lifta

Reel Lifta allows a single operator to raise a heavy roll or reel of product via the core, transport it to the machine, then slide the reel with no effort – due to the many bearings under the core – onto the receiving shaft or mandrel.

If the reel core is vertical, simply turn it over to allow the Reel Lifta jib to enter the core.

A flip-over latch on the jib, prevents the roll from moving during transit between the pallet and the machine.

The hand brake winch makes lifting easy, speedy and effortless. Pinpoint accuracy is assured every time. The carriage holds in position during the transfer. Rear castor wheel brakes prevent lateral movement. To lower the roll carriage, simply rotate the winch handle anti-clockwise. The load cannot lower on its own.

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Reel Lifta
Reel Lifta2
Reel Lifta2
King Reel Lifta Models

Model KRLS-250/800/700 has a starting jib height to top of rollers of 70 mm. 250 Kg max.

Load capacity: 800 mm max lift height and a 700 mm jib length.

Legs are 850 mm apart. Finish is industrial enamel paint.

You can nominate any start and finish height and any leg width. Straight or splayed legs, and any load weight (within reason).

Reel Lifta negates the need for heavy lifting and placement of rolls / reels, thereby preventing insurance claims and musculoskeletal aches and sprains.

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