Aluminium Walk Through Access Ladders

Folding Platform Ladders are the ultimate space saving access ladders. Fold them up against the wall when not required; put them over your shoulder to move them to any spot, then simply pull the legs apart and the ladder is ready for use.

To calculate which model you need, measure to the top of the highest load, then deduct 1.5 Mtrs (the height reach of the average person), then look at the model offerings where the top deck is at that height. Of course, if most of your staff are short, then go for the next highest deck on the list.

If you select the ladder fitted with sprung castors, when you step on the first rung, the springs settle the rubber pads onto the floor, making the ladder ultra stable. Castors also make it easier to move the ladder around.

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Ladder Aluminium Easy Move Walk Through

All Folding Platform Ladders are supplied with Powder Coated Yellow Safety Handrails that simply bolt on. If choosing sprung castors, they are supplied loose and need to be fitted – a five minute easy assemble.

They are supplied as a flat pack on a basic wooden skid for minimum weight and volume, making shipping costs reasonable (we can quote great freight rates).

Options include a Safety Rail that flips over at the rear once you are on the top deck – to prevent accidental step backs. There is also an optional Load Tray that fits over the front rail, so that you can place items on as you pick them. Optional Lever Operated Castors are also available (rather than spring operated).

Another option is the Tow Pack, comprising a set of fixed castors fitted to the rear frame. When the ladder is tilted backwards, the rear wheels come into play. Makes moving the ladder around easier, especially if you need to take it with you on a truck to another location, as it stays folded yet remains manoeuvreable.

Platform heights start at ½ Mtr and ranges through to 3 Mtrs (4.5 Mtr max pick height). We have weight and footprint charts should you need them.

Load rating is 200 Kg up to 2 Mtrs high, then it de-rates to 150 Kg. Footprint charts available on request.

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