Single Person Lifter

The LEV8.46 is a novel way to get you up in the air and working safely.

The base is fitted with big 250mm diameter castors, two of which have brakes, so it it easy to roll into place – even through a standard doorway. Put on the brakes then place the outriggers so that the base is stable. The outriggers can be placed forward or splayed outwards. Each outrigger has it’s own winding handle. When finished, they simply fold up and lock away.

Unhinge the operator carriage and lock it in place. Winch the carriage up to the height you need – up to 4.6 Mtrs in this case.

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Single Person Lifter

Pin the underside of the mast, to safeguard against a fall, then climb the ladder into the operator carriage, where you are free to clean the guttering; change light bulbs; fit a sign to a fascia; pressure clean or paint a high wall, or any number of jobs up to a working height of 6.1 Mtrs. Capacity is 125 Kgs.

The LEV8-46 has no electrics or hydraulics, just a simple hand ‘brake’ winch. The ladder with handrails, telescopes as you raise or lower the carriage.

A second safety feature is a lock that prevents the carriage from falling if the winch wire rope goes slack or is severed. Another sfatey feature: The carriage floor features edge boards to prevent tools, etc. from falling out.

The LEV8 range is also wind rated to L4 (up to 7.9 Mtrs/sec), unlike some single person lifters that are not wind rated at all.

There are other heights available, and each lifter can also be hired. At around half the price of a powered lifter, the LEV8 is a one of a kind.

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