Able containers are a Wire Mesh Container with a heavy-duty steel matrix base and stacking feet (to three units high). Pack King is a leading wire mesh containers & storage supplier in Melbourne.

One long side has a half opening pull down door, or complete access if required. Capacity 1,000 Kg.

Fitted with: a) Racking Bars to enable the container to be placed onto pallet racking. b) Tow Hitch and Drawbar plates to enable bolt on attachment of the Draw Bar and Tow Hitch options. c) Wheel / Castor Plates for bolt on of 2 x fixed and 2 x castor wheel (125 mm dia. Poly tyred. Ball bearings) option.

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Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne 01
Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne 08
Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne 07
Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne 06
Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne 05
Wire Mesh Stillage Containers Melbourne 04
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King Wire Mesh Storage Containers offer a range of versatile and secure storage options. They come fitted with racking bars, making them rackable and perfect for placement on pallet racks. These containers can be stacked up to three high while still providing access to the contents via a half-opening door. Additionally, they can be secured using the lockable mesh top cover, or for maximum security, using ribbed plastic sheeting.

These containers boast impressive mobility features. They can be moved easily with the optional bolt-on wheels and castors and are even towable using the bolt-on tow bar and hitch. These containers are also freight-friendly; two can fit side-by-side on a truck with minimal wasted space and can be double-stacked.

The containers can be fitted with RFID and GPS tracking systems for easy tracking. They are also available for hire in any quantity for any duration, subject to conditions. Once you’ve finished your delivery or for return to our centre, these containers fold down, allowing for cost-effective return transportation with a 5:1 folding ratio.

External Size: 1100mm x 1170mm wide x 1100mm high.
Internal Size: 1030mm x 1080mm wide x 950mm high.

Additional Functions

The basic wire mesh stillage is a versatile flatbed with wheels, which can be moved around your warehouse using a forklift or tow tug. Once a task is done, orders can be removed, stretch-wrapped, labelled, and readied for dispatch with a forklift or walkie-stacker.

The ABLE Container from Pack King can be lifted by a forklift, hand pallet truck, or high lift pallet truck from its two long sides when wheels are absent, or by a forklift and narrow lifters up to 540mm wide when wheels are attached.

A spring-assisted scissor lift table can be integrated into the containers to lift contents to operator height, descend under weight, and maximise container use without requiring bending to retrieve contents. This feature is particularly useful for handling items like bed linen, parts, and stock picking. If needed, sides can be lined with ribbed plastic panels.

Several ABLE bases, each with a 1,300 kg capacity, can be hitched in line using an optional draw bar and tow hitch. When unhitched, each loaded base is easy to push.

Tow tugs of various capacities are also available to create a stock-picking unit or train. ABLE bases and mesh sided containers can be used interchangeably in the train.

Your containers can be personalised with company identifiers, logos, unit numbers, addresses, and contact numbers. Trust Pack King for the best wire mesh cage solutions and professional advice. Call us today to discuss your needs and receive expert information.

The ABLE Folding Mesh Container – Specification



External – d x w x h: 1,100 x 1,170 x 1,100 mm
Internal – d x w x h: 1,030 x 1,080 x 950 mm
Folded – 200 mm high

Pricing on application. The more you buy, the cheaper they become.

Remember that all ABLE Folding Mesh Containers are fitted with racking feet, so that you can store them on your standard pallet racking beams.

They also have wheel plates, tow hitch and tow bar attachment plates fitted, ready to accept these options, any time you choose to add them in the future.

That’s what makes ABLE Containers different and better.

Wire Mesh Handling Containers

Wire Mesh Handling Containers are perfect for all commercial businesses looking for an easier way to store items.

The Wire Mesh Handling Containers provide businesses with security and easy storage for their products.

What are Wire Mesh Handling Containers?

Wire Mesh Containers are heavy duty, collapsible, foldable and stackable containers that make packing, moving and storing items simple.

They are made of steel and are galvanised to make the wire storage baskets have long lifetime. We have designed and manufactured our metal mesh containers so that provide maximum security and can be stored in a variety of places.

Wire Mesh Containers normally hold heavy duty items such as machinery and equipment but can also hold a variety of other things such as pillows.

Why do you need it?

Wire Mesh Containers provide security and stability in your business. A wire mesh container is a container that will not break easily and is difficult for unauthorised people to get in to.

As a business you need wire mesh containers for a few reasons:

  • Equipment Carrier: Wire Mesh Containers come on wheels so if you need to store or move heavy equipment or machinery, you should probably choose to use a Wire Mesh Storage Container.
  • Valuables: because of the heights of the containers unless an unauthorised person(s) has the key, Wire Mesh Containers are very secure to store the business’s valuable items and products.
  • Inventory: Wire Mesh Containers are a great way to store products in a basket like container especially open or miscellaneous items. Additionally, this will allow you to have a better idea of what products sell quickly or are kept in storage.

When would you use it?

This differs depending on the business but in an industrial or commercial business you would use Wire Mesh Handler Containers all the time.

As mentioned above wire mesh handler containers are great for wire basket like storage and security, but they can also be used to ship items if needed.

Wire Mesh means that the containers are ventilated making it the perfect storage container for transporting natural goods.

How easy is it to use?

Very easy. To set up just unfold the sides and lock in place. To collapse, unlock sides and fold back down in correct order.

Other than that, there are no steps to maintenance or use as they are very easy to use and have a long-life cycle.

Will it keep my items safe?

Yes, they will. Wire Mesh Handler Containers are the safest ventilated storage containers for industrial use.

They come with heavy duty wire mesh that is designed to protect what’s inside and keep out whatever is outside.

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Pack King will supply you with the highest quality collapsible and stackable wire mesh handler container for your business.

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New. Bulk Bag Inserts Available For The Able Folding Mesh Containers

Now you can load bulk product into a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), transport it safely in the container, then fold the container and the bag for return to the sender. (The inside of the ABLE Container is approx. 1100 x 1100 x 1100 high. Load cap 1000 Kg).

Here’s another product. We can also supply poly bag inserts for the FIBCs for those who need to adhere to strict hygienic packaging (bag in bag).

Simply place the FIBC into the mesh container (then add the plastic insert bag if required), then pull each FIBC bag corner loop down on the outside and secure it with a plastic tie. The bag is now fully open and ready for filling.

The receiver can unload the FIBC using a manual scoop or vacuum, or by releasing the loops and pulling the bag out from the mesh container using forklift tines.

Returned ABLE Containers are stackable at 6:1 ratio so the freight savings can be considerable in a closed loop system.

With a modification to the underside of the ABLE Container, it is also possible to rotate the container and contents.

The types of FIBC’s available are shown below.

Contact Ron Mileham. for prices and to discuss your requirements.


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Optional Extras

Bolt On 2 x Fixed + 2 x Swivel Castors. 125 mm diameter.

Bolt On Tow Bar + Tow Hitch.

Mesh Security Top.

Plastic Sheet Side & Base Liners.

Tow Tug. 1 tonne capacity.

Tow Tug. 2 tonne capacity.

Able Container Hire

Minimum quantity: 10 units.

Minimum hire period: 3 months. (Add freight both ways).

Container only.

Fitted with wheels.

Fitted with wheels, tow bar and tow hitch.


Add freight ex Bayswater, Melbourne (we can quote delivery pricing).

  • Once wheels have been fitted, the ABLE Container is not able to be placed on racking.
  • Wheels and plastic liners are wear items, and they can be bought separately as required.
  • Storage mesh Containers can be marked, numbered and fitted with RFID and GPS as required.

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