Packaging Tape And Dispensers

Packaging tape

Acrylic BOPP (Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene)

Comes in 48mm wide x 75 Mtr long rolls. 6 per pack (minimum order).

It is clear and has an aggressive gripping agent to ensure it sticks to poor surfaces. Surfaces with dust on them need to be wiped over first.

Packaging tape is your first line of defense against theft. It also prevents the item/s in the carton from falling out.

Used in conjunction with our Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser, the tape is laid on quickly and cut easily after use, using the serrated leading edge. Simply by swiping the flexible applicator to the carton, the tape is fed out.

By tightening the tension brake in the centre of the roll holder, the tape is partially braked, this prevents ‘tape runaway’.

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Pacmasta Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

Pacmasta PG-50B is an economical, easy to use tape dispenser with adjustable brake and ribbed handle. Ideal for fast and efficient carton sealing.


  • Best quality product
  • Keeps tape straight, reduces wastage
  • Comfortable hand grip for quick and easy single-handed use
  • Compatible with a wide range of tapes
  • An ideal time-saving tool for warehouse and retail use
  • Fully adjustable tape tension brake

Model PG-50B

Pistol grip tape dispenser, 50mm STANDARD, 24/CTN

Model PG-50B

Same as above, in 3 carton (72) BULK BUY, 24/CTN

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