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Pack King (a member of the King Group of Companies) has 1been appointed the Agent for PropaGroup Italy. The product range has been extensively researched, to produce the finest and most innovative protective packaging range available.

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PropaDry is a Calcium Chloride based desiccant, used to dry the atmosphere in large crates and containers, with applications in canned food, dairy products, bottled water, flour, chemicals, and much more.

Moisture is drawn from the atmosphere or from inside the packaging, and into the Tyvek covered plastic trays, where up to 300% of the weight of the desiccant in water can be absorbed.

Perfect for use in containers where they travel across extreme temperature variable climates, which creates a humid microclimate inside the container.

Available in single trays or in connected chains of 6 and 10 pieces, which are suited to hanging from a top rail, inside a container.

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PropaSec is an Activated Clay-based desiccant, which competes with silica gel from China because clay is a natural product and cannot taint sensitive products.

It is typically supplied in bags of any size you wish to nominate.


Regarding problems due to the presence of DMF-DIMETHYL FUMARATE in some desiccant products found on the market, we inform you that our desiccant products do not contain this substance.

Do not hesitate to contact us to apply for a declaration of DMF-DIMETHYL FUMARATE absence.

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