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Pack King (a member of the King Group of Companies) have been appointed the Agent for PropaGroup Italy. The product range has been extensively researched, in order to produce the finest and most innovative protective packaging range available.

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Since many companies across Europe are using Propaflex product to protect the finished product and spare parts, Pack King is determined to bring this amazing product range to Australasia.

Propaflex is manufactured with a softer inner and a harder outer. The inner forms to the shape of the product, whilst the harder exterior guards against impacts, friction etc. If fitted properly, it can make the package waterproof and dustproof also.

Developed for use mainly for external protection of tubes, rolls and drums, Propaflex is being more widely adopted for other uses, such as layers between products; covers for expensive shafts and bulky machinery; finished product shipping protection. Stillages or wire mesh containers can also be lined with Propaflex, to prevent the product from being damaged in transit.

The product comes in any width from 100 mm up to 3000 mm, with a maximum outer diameter roll of 950 mm (so roll length is determined by the product thickness). However, the factory can produce other widths – by consultation.

Propaflex CD has ribs running horizontally. Propaflex MD has ribs running vertically.

There are four thicknesses – measured at the top of the rib. CD18 (1.8 mm) CD20. CDCD30
and CD40 (4 mm).

Options include: Anti-static, Anti-slip, customised prints/logos, and colours (standard outer colours are blue yellow or white).

If you wish to request a quote, then I need to know the model type, width and quantity, plus any other relevant information. Naturally, the more you order, the cheaper it is (as it is shipped from Europe).

If it is of value to you, I can also arrange to store product in our Bayswater factory, so that you may draw on the stock from here. The only stipulations being that

  • you order in sufficient time to prevent out-stocking
  • that if you stop ordering, then you take the balance of the stock on hand that has been ordered in for you.
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Propadry &
Propadry Plus

Propadry & Propadry Plus

Propadry and Propadry Plus, are desiccants, which are available in many sizes, right up to wall hangings for containers. Moisture can be absorbed into bags, or trapped as a liquid or a gel in the plastic container with a permeable but one-way membrane cover.

PropaGroup desiccants, serve a very useful purpose – to drag moisture from the air. When shipping containers pass through varying temperature zones, the air in the container becomes moist. The job of the desiccant is to strip that moisture from the air and contain it so that your goods are not affected.

It is used to protect steel products from rusting. Printed literature from becoming mildewed. Carton goods to prevent the cardboard from sagging. Timber products to prevent swelling, and much more

Propadry comes in many and varied types, even down to a swinging hammock style that has water receptacle for use in containers. Talk to Pack King about your dry air requirements.

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Propatech VCI Papers and Films. Either in sheet or bag form.

Propa Group has developed a series of paper and film-based products, which are either treated with or are infused with a corrosion inhibitor.

Used to prevent rusting and corrosion of raw product during transit and storage. Perfect for original and spare parts, and prevention of corrosion for long term storage projects. Can also be used in conjunction with Stirofilm.

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Stirofilm is a multilayer co-extruded film, with amazing strength and resistance to perforation. Suitable for covering and lining transport and/or storage containers. Covering crates or boxes with Stirofilm assures an excellent degree of protection against weather and UV rays, even after repeated stacking and rubbing.

Many large projects have been covered with Stirofilm, such as statues, aeroplanes, trains, etc. It is the one product that Engineers and storage specialists turn to for long term protection.

Products can be fully sealed with Propadry inside, for complete weatherproofing and long term storage.

Stirofilm is flexible and can be fire retardant treated. Staple, tape, tie or seal. Stirofilm can be supplied in rolls up to a maximum height of 8 metres. When required it is also available in sheets.

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Propametic barrier films are a range of products designed and developed for the packaging of products sensitive to moisture and weathering, supplying a very powerful barrier against water vapour and moisture.

In addition to being waterproof, the technical properties of Propametic films give the product a high mechanical resistance and make it easy to weld.

This allows for the production of caps, sacks, bags and liners for rigid and flexible containers, and for the packaging of all products intended for overseas shipments or long-term storage.

Propametic can also be used to securely package and protect artworks during transit.

Propametic can be formed from three or four layers according to your requirements. Layers might be UV treated, barrier, porous, VCI, etc.

Pack King are packaging specialists, so for all stretch and shrink films; dispensers; packaging tape; wrapping and strapping machines and strapping supplies, please contact this office for a competitive quote.

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The thin strength!

PROPASTEEL is a coextruded plastic film made from special resins that render it resistant to punctures and tears. An extremely high level of resistance on corners and along edges makes PROPASTEEL particularly suitable for packaging tubes, coils, and machinery with the sharp or protruding part. Moreover, apart from mechanically protecting metals, PROPASTEEL can safeguard against corrosion when treated with PROPATECH VCI system, which is particularly important for a wide range of goods.

Compared to traditional metal packaging materials, PROPASTEEL is a highly innovative product. Besides its very high resistance and unlike its old counterparts, it is 100% recyclable and can be easily welded, this means that packages can be air-tightly sealed.

PROPASTEEL is also economically very convenient because, though its limited thickness, it still ensures an extremely high level of resistance thus making the cost per square metre highly competitive. PROPASTEEL, therefore, guarantees a much higher rate of productivity per KG compared to other products on the market.


  • High resistant; especially for corners or edges
  • Low permeability
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • It can be used to package rolls, tubes, steel or metal forms.
  • High efficiency with low cost

Developed in close collaboration with our high-valued customers, this breakthrough packaging material has been studied to put an end to the age-old problems of steel and metal packaging.

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