Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapping machines make bundle and carton strapping simple, speedy and easy. We are Melbourne’s finest semi-automatic strapping machine supplier.

In just a few seconds, the poly tape is fed from the machine, where the operator takes the strap end and passes it over the carton or bundle, then into the slot in the stainless-steel deck top.

When the machine senses the tape is in the slot, it tensions the strap according to how tight you have set the dial. It holds the two faces together whilst if creates a tough seal, then cuts off the excess tape, then pushes the amount you dialled in through the rest of the slot and out the other side, ready for the next carton or bundle to be placed on the deck.

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Pack King Semi Auto Strapping Machine 02
Pack King Semi Auto Strapping Machine 02

Semi-auto strapping machines are the easiest, simplest, and lowest cost way of strapping products, as there is no arch to get in the way or to restrict the carton or bundle size, and sealing takes only a few seconds. It is also done at bench height, so the carton can be pushed onto a conveyor if needed.

Compare semi-auto strapping to the manual option, of placing poly strap under and around the carton whilst it is on the floor, then taking up the loose ends and placing it into a hand tensioner, then taking the spare strap and pulling it through the slots in the tensioner, then hand ratcheting until taught, then placing a seal over the two straps, then using a separate crimping tool to crimp the two straps together, then unravelling the tensioner from the straps.

By the time you buy two tools – tensioner and crimper, then the seals, you have the price of our Model SSA-301 Semi-Auto Strapping Machine in Melbourne.

When a carton has been strapped, it not only adds another level of security, and it also offers a better handhold than trying to get two hands under the carton before lifting. Cartons held at arm’s length at the side of the body are more easily moved and better balanced, than holding the load in front of the chest.

Bundles are more easily formed and held after using a strap. Strapping can sometimes eliminate the use of a carton, making the purchase price irrelevant, as it pays for itself in no time.

To start or replace the tape is simple. The 3000 Mtr long strap on a roll is placed easily into the machine, then following the printed guide, it is fed through rollers until it sits under the tape joining slot. At that point you simply dial in the length of feed you need to go over your carton using the feed button. The amount of sealing time can also be dialled in – this might vary if you have different cartons requiring more or less tension.

This particular machine has been selected by our team because:
  • It is simple to use, and easy to understand.
  • It is manufactured to a high-quality standard, with a fully enclosed cabinet, which prevents limbs from becoming caught up in any moving parts.
  • It only uses one motor whereas most others use two motors. Our machine is easier to service and with fewer potential problems to occur.
  • It has security latches on all opening doors and the top platen. If you open any one latch, the machine shuts down, unlike most others that allow a person to put their hands into moving machinery if the door is opened.
  • It has a comprehensive Operators Manual included, along with a tool kit to enable you to make any adjustments you may need, or to remove a part for replacement.
  • Castor wheels are fitted, to enable you to move the strapper to any area – as required, simply and quickly.

For more information on the benefits of our high-quality semi-automatic strapping machines, clients simply have to pick up the phone and call Pack King today.

Carton Strapping Machine

When it comes to long-term value in material and supply packaging services, you simply can’t go wrong with a carton strapping machine.

Here at Pack King, we offer a wide range of carton strapping machines for local clients, providing them with the equipment they need to make their product packaging operation that much more reliable and efficient, while also helping to boost the overall output of their business.

We have been in business for more than 30 years, meaning clients can be sure they are dealing with a qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable team whenever they turn to us for advice or services.

Contact us today for more information on our range of high-quality and affordable products, or to receive free and trusted advice from our professional team.

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Model SSA-301 Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

Model SSA-301 Semi-Auto Strapping Machine, brings all the vital elements of strapping machines together:

  • A very Competitive Price
  • Very well designed and fabricated machine, filled with the latest initiatives
  • No arch to restrict the size of the article to be strapped
  • Semi-Auto – far fewer working parts to go wrong. Simply feed the strap over and into the tensioning slot
  • Single motor (rather than two as is common) so fewer things to go wrong, and cheaper to service
  • Interlocked doors. Once opened, the machine shuts down (cheaper machines do not have this safeguard)
  • No external moving parts, as cabinet covers strap and workings – and looks like a solid piece of furniture
  • Fast recovery for next strap application, so there are no hold-ups
  • Auto Power Saving Shut off, when no use for some time detected
  • Large deck. 900 mm x 565 mm. Any bundle or carton you can fit on, you can strap
  • Comfortable working height of 725 mm. No bending. The ideal height to push carton onto a conveyor also.
  • Castors (two with brakes) fitted, so the SSA-301 can be relocated quickly and easily anywhere its required
  • Comes with spare parts, tool kit and comprehensive manual showing all spare parts numbers and adjustments
  • Ready to go. Just plug the 240v plug into any suitable outlet, wait a few seconds for warm-up, and you’re off
  • Adjustable for polypropylene straps between 6 mm – 15 mm
  • All new machines are fitted with a 3000 Mtr roll of 12 mm strap (130 Kg breaking strain) and tested fully, before shipping.

12 mm strap is always available from Pack King. 10 roll + orders attract a discount.

Other sizes available. Contact Pack King to find out more.

Pack King’s philosophy is to research the marketplace, to determine where consumers might get a better deal.

Model SSA-301 Semi-Auto Strapper

Model SSA-301 Semi-Auto Strapper, represents an opportunity for us to supply you with a quality product from one of the largest manufacturers of this equipment in the world, at a price that is highly competitive, plus you have the peace of mind knowing that you can rely on Pack King – the best firm for strapping solutions in Melbourne (part of the King Group) to supply parts, service and quality supplies, based on a 30-year-old trusted reputation for putting our customers first.

Pack King and the SSA-301 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine. Just one of the many ways we want to become your most trusted and value-added supplier of packaging equipment and supplies, and industrial handling equipment.

Looking for packaging and handling solutions?

Pack King, with over 30 years of experience, is the business you can trust. You will get our undivided attention and the best quality products at a competitive price when we work together..

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