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Stretch Wrap Machine

When it comes to finding the right stretch wrap machine to suit the day-to-day operation of their business, local customers know to turn to Pack King.

We offer a number of high-quality and functional machines that will provide you with long-term benefits, including the amazing Pack King Rapid Wrapper, all of which represent great value for money.

Not only do these machines help to save both time and money, they also assist in making the packing area of your business a far safer place. For example, forklift operators are not required to leave their vehicles to hand wrap packages before they can be transported, meaning there are fewer people on foot throughout the factory floor and therefore a reduced safety risk.

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The Trusted Name in Pallet Wrapping Supplies

For more than 30 years Pack King has been the go-to name for pallet wrapping supplies throughout Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

We offer products that are designed to ensure your shipments arrive at their intended destination in top condition, and that your customers are completely satisfied with the process. All of our wrapping supplies are versatile and durable, meaning customers can be confident that their products will always be prepared in the best possible way for shipping and delivery.

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Find The Right Pallet Wrapping Machine for the Job at Hand

With a pallet wrapping machine, you can streamline the workflow and output of your business, while bringing down costs.

The right machine will help to remove the delay that often comes with having to hand wrap pallets and shipments before they are loaded for transport. This frees up your factory team to focus on the overall job rather than a backlog of unwrapped pallets.

A Leading Supplier of Semi-Auto Stretch Wrappers

If you’re searching for a proven and straightforward way to improve the overall output of your business then a semi-auto stretch wrapper could be the answer.

For all further enquiries, or to speak with a member of the Pack King, make sure you call us today on +61 3 9720 0425.

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Pack King, with over 30 years of experience, is the business you can trust. You will get our undivided attention and the best quality products at a competitive price when we work together..

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