Auto and Semi Auto Stretch Wrap Machines

New King Group Semi-automatic stretch wrap machines.

The King STRETCH WRAP MACHINE makes light of the task of unitising and protecting a load. Why manually wrap, when you can utilise your precious time elsewhere, whilst a pallet stretch wrap machine can do the task well and without supervision?

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  • Model K1100SA
    Stretch Wrap Machine
  • Model K1100A
    Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

Model K1100SA
Stretch Wrap Machine

Model K1100SA Stretch Wrap Machine

The K1100SA Stretch Wrap machine features a powered pre-stretch film carriage, which means that by using far less stretch wrapping film, you can actually pay for the machine over time through film savings and the use of your operators time more wisely, as we know that machine stretch wrapping is at least four times quicker, and removes the possibility of operator strains, caused by pulling on the film and by lifting the film and dispenser above chest height, or bending down to start the wrapping operation, then walking backwards whilst tensioning and pulling out the film manually.

The large 1500 mm diameter. turntable can take up to a 2 tonne payload. The turntable speed can be set by the touch screen to suit your load type. The built in slow start ensures product is not pulled off by the film, and the slow stop ensures that the pallet stops in exactly the same place as it started.

At only 85 mm above ground level, the turntable is easy to load. The base frame incorporates two forklift sleeves, to enable the stretch wrapper to be re-located instantly as required.

The mast can wrap product up to 2400 mm high.

The film carriage speed is variable, so you can choose the amount of overlap required for each rotation. An electronic eye, senses when the top of the carriage has passed the top of the load. You can dial up how much film overhangs the top of the load, and dial up the number of film wraps you need for the top and bottom. You can also pause at the top in order for a top cover to be placed over the load, then re-commence wrapping in order to secure the top cover to the film wrap, thereby water and dust proofing the load.

The touch screen controls enable you to dial up the best combination of wraps, and the amount of pre-stretch that is best for each load. You can lock in your selections for a single button memory recall next time round.

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Model K1100A
Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

Model K1100A Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

The K1100A is no ordinary Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine. It is the only one that has independent stretch roller controls, so that you can dial up the amount of stretch you need, for your load. Let’s say you have a light tall load of plastic ware in each carton. You do not want a high ‘force to load’ – the force created by the load pulling the film off the carriage. What you want is for the film to be pre-stretched – and ours can be dialled up to 300%, so that a light laying on is achieved without any force to load at all.

Conversely, a heavy load or unconventional dimensions with sticking out points may require none or very little pre stretch, so you need the ability to adjust the machine parameters accordingly.

If the film is up to it, it will slowly stretch back to hold the load securely. Most powered pre stretch machines for pallet wrap in Melbourne these days are pre-programmed to spit out film dependent upon the turntable speed and the carriage lift speed. With the Model K1100A, YOU control the parameters not the machine – over which you have no control.

So, the methodology is to set up the machine, according to the load. Remember that it can be altered via the touch screen on the fly, so you can increase / decrease the overlap; slow down or accelerate the turntable; adjust the film payout ratio. This level of control is very unusual, and we have taken great pains to take this machine to a place no others have ventured into, whilst maintaining a very simply series of screens that mean anyone can understand the operation with very little information.

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Pack King Have Other Stretch Wrap Machine Options That Include:
Model K1100SAW

Fitted with a weigh scale in the base. Increases the base height by a mere 25 mm.

No more load weight guesswork, and no need to transport the load to a separate industrial weigh scale.

Note: Load weight indicated cannot be used for Trade purposes. It is for load weight determination with a margin of ± 2 Kg over the max 2 tonne load capacity of the stretch wrapper.

Model K1100SASW (aka ScanWrap)

Fitted with a weigh scale and a cubic load scanner.

You can for the first time eliminate manual measuring and load weight guessing, all without having to remove the load from the stretch wrapper.

Optional printer with label storage also available – printer cabinet is attached to the mast.

KING K1100A Stretch Wrap machine Specifications
  • Power requirement is 240v 10a socket. Unit is fitted with Australian approved plug and 4 metres of cable.
  • The Control Cabinet is key lockable to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Console comprises a large 150 x 80 mm backlit touch screen, with clear instruction screens to guide any operator simply and speedily.
  • An Emergency Off button that cuts power to the machine instantly.
  • A backlit Power On button.
  • Turntable is 1,500 mm diameter. It is chain driven with chain adjusters fitted. Capacity is 2 tonne.
  • Film carriage is Powered Pre-Stretch type, that has individual powered rollers for ultimate control over stretch film ratios. Film ratio dial up is via the screen. An additional safety feature, allows the film to be threaded through the rollers and on to the pallet, only when the turntable is stationary. This prevents hands from becoming trapped in the rollers.
  • The Mast caters for loads up to 2,400 mm high. An electronic eye ‘sees’ the top of the load and halts vertical movement of the film carriage. You can dial up the amount of film that rises above the top of the load. The mast can also be stopped at any time, for a pallet cover to go over the load, before commencing the down wrap, to ensure the load is waterproofed. Mast speed is also adjustable to suit the overlap you need on each film pass.
  • Shipping is with mast hinged down onto turntable. Dimensions (approx.) 2,900 mm long x 1,500 mm wide x 450 mm high. If on pallet, add 150 mm height.
  • Assembly is to push the mast to the upright position, bolt down the mast base, then fit the film carriage (if not already attached). Join the film carriage cable to the mast plug.
Stretch Film Image
About stretch film.

It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and unfortunately – qualities. Stretch film is either cast or blown. The first is extruded through a narrow slit and can have many layers placed one on the other during fabrication to change the properties, such as orientation, elasticity and tackiness to name just a few. Quality also depends on the type of virgin plastic used. King films used with the K1100A and other stretch wrappers are of the highest quality, and 7 – 9 layer cast film, offers the best results, as you can imagine, the amount of stretch the film has to endure before it reaches your load, then it has to shrink back to hold the load securely are all pre-tested properties with known parameters. Beware of other films that have either been pre-stretched and re-rolled; have little film on the roll; have inferior or very little stretch capability; have little or no return stretch; are very noisy coming off the roll (typically blown films).

Pack King specialists are able to guide you through this minefield and are happy to conduct film trials on your premises, to ensure you are getting the most from your machine and are not paying too much for the stretch wrapping film in Australia. For instance, recent trial done with our new EDGE film, showed 30% savings across the board. Let us help you!

Load information can be supplied as follows:
  • Sent to a remote computer for inputting into shipping dockets or for archiving.
  • Printed out in Shipping Label form from optional printer. Labels also supplied.

Talk to us about the options of buying, leasing or a film/machine package to suit your needs.

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