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Written by Packking on June 11, 2018 in Semi Auto Strapping Machine

Hi, I’m Ron Mileham from Pack King.

Today, I’m blogking about the incredible Pack King Semi-Auto Strapping Machine.

Strapping serves two purposes. The first is to add another layer of security to the carton or bundle. It stops the load from falling through the bottom of the carton or it keeps multiple units together.

The second is that it provides lifting hand holds. Many times, it’s easier to lift a carton by one or two straps, than try to get your hands underneath.

The Pack King cabinet allows strapping to be done at a comfortable operator height. Simply place the load on to the stainless steel deck and feed the strap under the load. Take the end of the strap and feed it over the load and into the slot. The sensor will feel the strap and, tension to your pre-selected tightness, then seal the straps together then cut the strap and feed a pre-selected length of strap under the carton or bundle ready for the next job.

A very simple process. It is not restricted by overhead arches that limit the size of the load. Arches can also prevent movement of wide or long loads.

A single 12mm wide strap has 130 Kgs of holding power, so there is no need to oversize your strap – provided you buy a quality strap in the first place. The Pack King strap comes in a 1000 Metre roll, with a reel change taking a few minutes.

The wheeled, modern cabinet design would be welcome in any office or warehouse. The cabinet also features stop-locks, that stop the machine from working if any door or panel is open. This important safety feature can prevent limbs from damage or from being burnt, so make sure if you have a strapping machine already, that it has this feature. If it doesn’t, seriously consider changing it to one that does.

The cabinet is also fully enclosed so there are no external moving parts – another safety feature. Inside the cabinet is a small tool box holding a kit of spare parts and tools for adjusting the strapping width platen. The mains lead and plug are also stashed away in this compartment during transit. Once unpacked, the Pack King Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine is ready to go.

With the Model SSA-301, only one motor powers the system. Most other strapping machines have two, so there is more to go wrong.

So, to prevent your goods falling through the bottom of your carton, and for that extra piece of mind, consider the incredible Pack King Semi Auto Strapping Machine.

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