Stretch Pallet Wrap Dispensers

Stretch Pallet Wrap Dispensers are a cost-effective and reliable solution for wrapping pallets and keeping your shipments safe and secure. Our specialised dispenser allows you to adjust the tension and put you back in control of securing your load. This guarantees protection from external factors such as wind and rain when transporting your products.

The top of the dispenser functions as a brake mechanism that tightens the film when it comes off the roll. This allows the film to stretch enabling it to hold your pallet with a stronger grip, securing your products.  Our dispensers can be customised to suit any size hand pallet stretch wrap.

Utilising a Stretch Pallet Wrap Dispenser on your pallets provides an even and consistent wrap application to your pallets. After the application, the film shrinks back which ensures every product on the load is secure and safe from transportation and weather.

Due to its simple and effective design, the removal and replacement of film rolls are quick and easy. Its effective design and application allow your workplace to flow more efficiently. It’s simple implementation also ensures your staff can be trained on the product in a short period of time.

Stretch Pallet Wrap Dispensers are an affordable way to keep your workers safe from onsite injury. The rubber handles are comfortable on the worker's hands and reduce strain on the fingers and thumbs. On top of this, it also prevents injury and strain to the back. Due to the Pallet Wrap Dispensers smart design, the continuous bending and twisting needed to wrap pallets manually are reduced.