Hand Stretch Wrap Machine

Hand-held stretch wrappers are the machine that every business need if they want to protect their outgoing packages and products.

By using a hand wrapping packing machine, you are ensuring that those difficult, personalised, or custom items are packed securely and will not be damaged when take out of storage or received by the recipient.

What are hand-held stretch wrappers?

Hand-Held stretch wrappers are manual tools that can help unitise a load. This is important for businesses shipping or moving many boxes or products.

Stretch wrap is a film that is designed to cling. A hand stretch wrapper is very helpful for businesses because it will protect your items from dust and dirt and keep the items from moving which is the main source of product damage.

  At Pack Kings we have design custom hand-held pallet wrappers so that the film can stretch and cling to everything.

To use hold each end of the roll and wrap in a circular motion, when finished find an edge to rip or cut accordingly and seal.

How useful are they?

Manual wrappers are perfect for smaller loads or loads that have unusual edges. If it is a bigger load we recommend one of our semi-automatic wrapping machines to help you with the physical demand of wrapping your boxes.

Our hand-held pallet wrapper is great because it makes sure your load is within Containment Force Wrap Guidelines and is at a safe to ship consistency, and it will be better if you also use our custom stretch wrap.

A key tip with hand wrapping the better the tension is on the wrap the better the wrap will be and the less likely your products or boxes will be damaged.

What can they be used for?

Hand-Held Wrapping Machines are mostly used in businesses or offices that only occasionally need to ship many boxes at once.

However, a hand-held wrapper can be used for just about any load you need to wrap, but the bigger the load is the more work it is for you, so we suggest you utilise the hand wrapper for unitising smaller loads.


The beauty of a hand-held wrapper is that you do not require a machine to wrap your products, and it is a relatively compactible size, thus can fit in any business.

Why should businesses have one?

Businesses should have a hand-held shrink wrap machine for a few reasons. One, there may a come a time where your product that needs wrapping is not able to fit in the machine or has odd dimensions.

This is where having a hand-held wrapper will be very useful because it means you can still wrap this item to ensure that it ships and is received in perfect condition.

Additionally, most machines have a minimum size or load weight and if your business needs to ship a smaller load having a manual pallet wrapper is the best way to combat that issue.

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