Powered Turntable Stretch Wrapper. 2 tonnes capacity

It simply doesn't make sense to wrap a pallet of goods with stretch wrap, whilst the operator is pulling on the film to stretch it, and walk backwards at the same time. It invites strains, aches and trip hazards.

It's far easier and safer to load the pallet onto the Rapid Wrapper, hold the film dispenser, push the foot switch, and let the powered turntable do the hard work, whilst the operator tensions the film and overlaps it as required. SHE/HE can also pass the film under the corners of the pallet, for a more secure load.

Rapid Wrapper now features:

  • Big 2000 Kgs working load. 8 rpm rotation speed.
  • Large 1220mm diameter checker plate turntable.
  • Only 280mm high.
  • Engineered notched fork sleeves enables secure stowing on pallet racking.
  • Latest design allows the Rapid Wrapper to be moved around using a standard Hand Pallet Truck.
  • Can be loaded / re-located / stacked, using a walkie stacker or forklift.
  • Heavy duty, low voltage (24v) foot control with 3 Mtr cable and removable plug.
  • 240v socket fitted. Ready to accept your extension lead.
  • Finished in Safety Yellow.

Rapid Wrapper shown in the video is for USA and Canada. 

Rapid Wrapper is around half the price of basic masted semi auto stretch wrap machines. It is perfect for small businesses and as a stand by for larger businesses for when their expensive stretch wrappers fail, and they have to wait for them to be repaired.

When not required, the notched fork sleeves enable the Rapid Wrapper to be stowed on pallet racking, with no fear of falling off. The cables can be unplugged, so there are no trailing cables to worry about. This enables the best use of your work space. Bring down the wrapper only when you need it!

With no mast, there is no limit to the size of the load to be wrapped, so long lengths of pipe, or pallets full of bumper bars present no problem to the Rapid Wrapper.

Pack King have added another feature to it’s very popular Rapid Wrapper Stretch Wrapper. It now has the ability to be moved around using a standard width hand pallet truck. It can be loaded using a straddle truck or forklift. At only 268mm high and with a 1220mm diameter chequer plate turntable, the Rapid Wrapper is ready to go as soon as you plug in your extension lead from the 240v mains socket and plug in the 24v foot control.

At a steady 8rpm, your load is rotated whilst you pay out the stretch film onto the load using a braked hand film dispenser – even under the corners for maximum strength. Stopping at the top and applying a top cover, will ensure the load is weather proofed. Notches in the base frame allow you to stow the Rapid Wrapper on your pallet racking when not required (with no trailing cables), allowing use of your expensive floor space. Shipped in a sturdy crate with top and front screwed access panels, makes for a guaranteed pristine product, with a simple lift out and go action. Perfect for small to medium businesses and larger ones needing an instant stand in if their expensive auto machine goes down.


If there is a similar product out there, that you need us to compete with, we are more than happy to sharpen our pencil. If it differs from our offering, we will point out the value differences.



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