Pack King supplies Stretch Film for both manual and machine applications.

Hand Stretch Film

HAND STRETCH FILM can be used straight from the roll, using plastic roll inserts in each end, to allow the roll to rotate easily without binding and creating frictional heat in the operator's hands. When the end of the film is attached to the load, the operator moves backwards, whilst pulling the film to stretch it, in order to bind the load.

A Hand Film Dispenser allows the operator to feed the film onto the load whilst holding the dispenser handle. The other hand is tensioning the film using a brake lever or knob.

In each case the operator needs to walk backwards, whilst stretching the film. The operator is prone to strains in the back and arms due to pulling, bending and lifting outside the recommended comfort zone for human work effort.

Hand Stretched Film in Melbourne is available from Pack King in various gauges from 17um (universal microns), 20um, 23um and 25um. Width is 500mm. Roll weight is between 2.5 – 3 Kgs. 4 rolls per carton.

Film is also available in black for security purposes. It pays to pay more for high-quality black film, as the more carbon black there is in the film, the less opaque the film will become, the more it is stretched.

Machine Stretch Film. Machine Stretch Film. General Information.

Pack King is one of the many stretch film suppliers in Melbourne that offer a range of 7-layer cast stretch film, that is capable of stretching up to 300%.

Film stretchability is dependent upon many factors; the stretch machine; the film carriage; the load composition; the 'force to load'; the composition of the film; the manufacturing process; product handling, and much more.

You may be paying too much per load to be protected by stretch film. The best you can do, is to confide in a specialist, who can determine from experience how to save you money. Pack King have the specialist help on hand.

Standard Machine Stretch Film.

Standard Machine Stretch Cast Film is available in 17um, 20um 23um and 25um gauges. Cast film is very low noise, extra clarity, extra stretch and resilience to puncturing.

Pack King EDGE Stretch Film for stretch wrap machine use, is like no other stretch film in Melbourne on the market.

It is unique in as much as the top and bottom edge or both turned over, in order to double the thickness on the edge of the film – exactly where most of the stresses occur during stretching.

The inner film is 16um, whilst each outer edge is 32um, so in effect, you are laying on the film with a thick band on each outer edge. This is the edge that tears easily – just try it yourself on standard film, then try to tear the EDGE film. It is very difficult to do so.

The second point to note when using the EDGE film, is that it is soft, when compared to standard blown or cast films, and does not create noise when being payed out – unlike some films that create static, and scream when coming off the roll.

The third point is that it is capable of being stretched up to 300% without losing its ability to shrink back, unlike most films that as soon as they pass their inbuilt maximum stretchability quotient, they are unable to shrink back to firmly hold and unitize the load. It is just like layering on flexible tissue paper.

The fourth point is that it is very flexible, so it is forgiving when faced with sharp corners, so where conventional film may tear, the EDGE film will wrap around those corners, enabling the second layer to be pulled tighter if required.

The fifth point is that in every comparison test we have ever made, the EDGE film uses less per pallet, so weighing each identical wrap always shows up savings on weight of up to 30%, so if you are saving this amount every time you wrap, guess what, you are literally saving thousands of dollars each year by using the EDGE Machine Stretch Film.

Let Pack King send a rep to demo and compare the EDGE against your current film. If we are wrong, you have nothing to worry about. If we are right, then the savings begin immediately.

There are 32 rolls per pallet lot. Prices are higher for small quantities. We compare in price per roll very favourably in the market place, then we have the savings per roll, per pallet wrapped.

Pack King Stretch Wrap Machines.

There are many different types of Stretch Wrap Machines on the market.

Some are better than others. Some have a brake, and use 'force to load' stretching, whilst others use internal film carriage rollers to pre-stretch the film. Pack King supply all types of Stretch Wrap Machines, so contact us for the best combination of film and machine for your products.

Other films

Pack King have a wide range of packaging films for your business, from sealing trays, to shrink packaging, to cryovac bags and all other films in between.

If you would like to know more about their differences and specialisations, please contact us.


If there is a similar product out there, that you need us to compete with, we are more than happy to sharpen our pencil. If it differs from our offering, we will point out the value differences.



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