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The Benefits of Packing Tape And Dispensers – What to Consider When Choosing the Right Packing Equipment

24 January 2020
The Benefits Of Packing Tape And Dispensers
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Packaging tapes and dispensers are available in any shape or size and are guaranteed to make packing so much easier! Whether it be for business means, travel or moving purposes it is essential to have the right packaging tools. So that packing your items can be safe secure and simple.

It is important to ensure that when you are packing your items that you synchronise the tape style and category with the tape dispenser. This is to guarantee a safe and efficient working level at all times.

There are a variety of tape dispenser styles and shapes that can cater for both manual and automatic packaging  instances as well as speciality tapes suited to your packing needs.

Manual packing is usually opted for with smaller boxes and items. Whereas choosing an automatic packing tape dispenser is highly recommended for larger items, boxes and packages.

Choosing the right tape plays a very important part in the operation of your packaging process. It is important to select the right shape and style tape. It will ensure the total safety and security of your objects and packages.

There are several factors that should be considered while choosing your packaging tape dispenser and these include:-

  • Grade – Many vendors offer packaging tapes and dispenser   in several grades to accommodate varying adhesive thickness of film in different levels. These grades offer a wide range of tensile strength and holding power. 
  • When you are buying packaging tapes, you should take into account the content weight, shipping and production environment and the size of the carton. 
  • Substrate: Take into account the type of packaging that you want to seal. Cartons are available in different types from thick to recycled, printed or double walled. Each variant has its distinct advantages impacting the distribution network and also faults with regard to the tape performance. 
  • Environment – Factors like temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions can impact quality of the seal. Therefore your tape selection should factor in all these conditions. 
  • Method of application – The packaging tapes can be applied manually or through an automated process. The manual process brings features like strong film backing and easy unwinding preventing breaking and stretching. Automated process on the other hand, focuses on reduced breakage of tapes and easy unwinding. 
  • Quality of tapes – When you are buying a packaging tape dispenser, you should also consider the quality of tapes that you would be using. With a top quality packaging tape, it is easier with unwinding and delivers durability as well strength. Which is essential to withstand all the stress across the distribution network. 


Now we can take a closer look at some more benefits of selecting the right packing tape and dispenser.

Gummed paper tapes 

Kraft paper packaging tapes are versatile and very strong.

Heavy boxes and larger packages can be sealed with gummed paper tapes using a single strip to endure lengthy and rough shipping challenges. 


Paper tapes are water activated and can seal your packages very effectively presenting a neat and professional appearance. 

Custom packaging

Paper tapes also bring the additional benefit of custom packaging tape carrying your brand images or other information printed on the tapes in one or more colours. This way, the paper tapes can also double up as your brand ambassadors allowing you to source generic cartons instead of pre-printed cartons with your logo. 

Strong and durable

Paper tapes are also significantly durable and strong and merge with the surface of the carton very well when it is applied correctly. Once sealed, it offers a tamper-evident and strong seal even in cold, hot, damp, dusty or other inclement conditions. These tapes are also highly resistant to tears and punctures. 

There are many things to consider when selecting the right packing tape and dispenser. This is to ensure that your packing experience is made simple and easy and that your objects and parcels are always safe and secure. That is why it is important to consult with packing professionals on packing materials that are best  for you and your required job!

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