Pack King imports two Tow Tugs as described below.

We sell direct to end users, so you get the best possible price deal.

Tow Tugs remove the possibility of an operator being injured from straining muscles when pushing or pulling objects. Tugs also remove the possibility of the wheeled object taking off if the operator stumbles and loses control, as the electro brake will automatically apply, once the speed control is left unattended.

Many companies fit wheels to trollies or racks, that only just do the job, so pushing or pulling a trolley, especially with a full load, still presents a potential problem, as the operator has to overcome the inertia created by the wheels firstly swivelling to become directional, then the rolling resistance – worsened of course if the tyre is soft rubber.

Tow tugs take away any stress and strain on the operator.

An insurance claim is far more expensive than providing power assisted help in the first place – and staff appreciate companies who are pro rather than reactive.

For a small outlay, you are removing a potential hazard. It is not one where you have to consider the possibility that an accident could occur, it totally rules out that potential, so you have peace of mind.

Pack King holds some popular spare parts, whilst others can be obtained within three days.

Controls are simple and intuitive. Safety features abound. Simply hitch up your rolling stock using our standard tow bar and/or hitch systems, or we can customize drawbars and hitches to suit your needs.

Pack King can also organize your rolling stock to be fitted with new fixed or swivel castors, should yours be old or simply not working at maximum capacity.

Model: TUG – ETM-100

Capacities: 1000 Kgs (Tow).
Dimensions: Height 1150mm (incl tiller). Length 900mm. Width 550mm.
Batteries: 40aHr Gel Cell – No maintenance. Supplied.
Wheels: 260mm x 90mm. Pneumatic. Rear Stabilizers. 2 x 75mm HD.
Controls: Key switch On/Off. Horn. Reverse Safety Pad. Forward / Reverse, variable speed, dual thumb control. Battery Charge Indicator. Emergency Stop (mushroom type) Charger socket. 240v curly cord lead and plug supplied.
Braking: Automatic slow, stop and park when speed control is released.
Charger: Internal. Auto cut out.

Ideal for those smaller jobs, but where pushing is still a bad option.

Price: $5,200.00 + GST
Delivery: Add freight ex Bayswater.

Pack King Tow Tugs. ETM-100 (yellow) and ETP-200 (grey).

Model: TUG – ETP-200

Capacities: 2000 Kgs (Tow).
Dimensions: Height 400mm. Top of Beacon 1150mm. Width 700mm. Length 1100mm + Tiller 500mm.
Batteries: 2 x 12v x 100 aHr – Sealed no maintenance. Supplied.
Wheels: Main Drive: Solid Rubber. 300mm x 100mm. Front Steer: 200mm nylon. Rear Stabilizer: 75mm HD Urethane on steel.
Controls: Key switch On/Off. Horn. Reverse Safety Pad. Forward/Reverse thumb operated variable speed controls. Battery Charge Indicator. Emergency Stop (mushroom type) Charger plug on leads inside battery compartment.
Braking: Automatic slow, stop and park when speed control is released.
Charger: 24v x 15a. External. Auto cut out. Supplied with unit.

ETP-200 has an adjustable height tow ball fitted over the wheels, to enable any item fitted with a tow bar to be moved by lowering the caravan / boat / trailer onto the tow ball.

The rear hitch can be bolted on at different heights between 125mm – 225mm. The pin is removed to allow quick hitching to the Tow Tug.

Solid rubber drive wheel tyres need no maintenance.

Warning (rotating internal light) beacon automatically operates when TUG is switched on.

Price: $7200.00 + GST.
Delivery: Add freight ex Bayswater.