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Why Are Folding Mesh Cages Worth Considering?

26 March 2024
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There are many containers on the market. They are designed to protect the contents, but are you getting the most benefit from the container you have selected?

BUY. When you buy, you are committing to that container for all of its useful life. Your circumstances may change. The product size and range may alter. There is also a capital outlay which may be better utilized elsewhere in your business.

Great for closed loop enterprises where the container has to be returned, but where the freight cost might be too expensive for a non-folding container.

Sometimes it is worth buying a sturdy mesh cage with a mesh lockable lid for transporting or shipping high value equipment, rather than making up a special wooden crate. Your customer will appreciate the use of the cage on site for storage or trans-shipping.

Inner corflute linings are available, as are sturdy black plastic bags if visual security is important.

HIRE / RENT. When you hire / rent, you have the opportunity to change sizes at will. Length of hire may better suit your needs also. Hiring costs usually are less, the longer the hire period.

TRANSPORT. Under-utilizing space is costly. Using the most appropriate container will save money. Shipping air is costly. Folding containers save on return transport costs. Many more containers can be shipped in the same space as one.

Note: An oversized container might be larger than a standard pallet, therefore causing the transport company to charge you for an extra pallet space.

WHY MESH? Mesh is strong; easily foldable; many units are able to be stored in the same space as one unit; easy to repair; can be fitted with wheels, tow bar and hitch for single or multiple ‘wagon train’ operations using a towing vehicle; can be stacked; some can be pallet racked; access is two or four way using a pallet truck, stacker or forklift. Often the front includes a pull down access door. Finish is usually zinc plated for long life.

Consider using for storing and moving firewood; storing and transporting of heavy steel componentry during the many processes of manufacturing; retail storage and display of thousands of parts, even fruit and veg; The transportation of long items shipped vertically, and much more.


  • * The hiring company will expect their goods to be returned in good condition. Failure to do so may result
  • In a bill for repairs.
  • * Sometimes freight companies will insist on all goods being palletised, so a stack of stillages / cages, may need to be strapped to a pallet.
  • * If a cage is lost during hire, the hirer is liable for compensation at the usual sale price.
  • * Don’t forget to add both the initial delivery cost and the cost of freight to return the hire.
  • * Hiring costs are tax deductable at the time of hiring, whereas purchasing costs may not be tax deductable straight away (and require capital).



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